Rep. Clay Higgins just issued a dire warning to the American people over the trap Joe Biden is setting for Trump voters

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

Donald Trump has been indicted yet again and as expected millions of Americans are not happy.

Americans have watched the ruling class elites do everything in their power to take him down over the past eight years.

And now Rep. Clay Higgins just issued a dire warning to the American people over the trap Joe Biden is setting for Trump voters.

Trump urges supporters to “protest peacefully”

Former President Donald Trump has officially been arraigned on federal charges for a second time after a year-long investigation.

Over the course of the investigation, President Joe Biden and his Department of Justice lackeys have echoed the narrative the ruling class elites have been pushing on the public since he announced his candidacy in 2015.

Trump had embarked on a mission to expose the establishment’s lies on everything from the Iraq War to woke extremism.

That is why he now faces the possibility of living his last years on Earth in a concrete cell.

Now, he’s calling on his followers to push back.

 “Our country is going communist… it’s going really bad,” Trump said in an interview prior to his arraignment. “The people of our country aren’t that way, but the people running it are. We need strength at this point, and everyone’s afraid to do anything.”

He continued by urging his supporters that they “have to protest peacefully.”

However, Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) is warning Trump supporters to proceed with caution.

Rep. Higgins warns Republicans to avoid falling into Biden’s “trap”

Rep. Higgins said that if Trump supporters want to push back on the elites, they should be aware that they might be “falling for a trap” set by President Biden and his Department of Justice.

Higgins said that the current regime wants to recreate January 6.

“My fellow conservatives, the DOJ/FBI doesn’t expect to imprison Trump, they expect to imprison you,” Higgins said in a statement ahead of Trump’s court date. 

He warned that Democrats want to recreate January 6, “in Miami, and in your city and in mine.”

“They want MAGA conservatives to react to this perimeter probe and in doing so, set yourselves up for targeted persecution and further entrapment,” he continued.

He added the best they could hope for is “to intercept a busload of conservatives en route to protest and create conflicts during the stop.”

Rep. Higgins urged all conservatives to trust that Trump can handle this and to avoid becoming pawns.

“Legally, peacefully, and within the parameters of our Constitution”

“They are hoping to provoke conservative Americans,” Higgins said. “Don’t fall for the trap. Maintain your family. Live your life. Live free and pay close attention and make your voice heard. Don’t become an incarcerated pawn in the agenda driven DOJ/FBI strategy…”

“President Trump can take care of himself in court, he knows we’ve got his back,” he continued. “The DOJ knows they’ve got nothing on him. They are doing this because they want you to let your anger overwhelm your strategic judgment and they expect you to step willingly into their trap.”

Higgins doesn’t want people to go silently, but he wants the American people “to fight against oppression legally, peacefully, and within the parameters of our Constitution.”

He said we must “fight against the oppression… [and] the insidious evil that threatens our Republic” in a manner that keeps Americans free.

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