Rashida Tlaib tried to host an anti-Semitic event inside the U.S. Capitol but got a major surprise she never saw coming

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One radical left-wing member of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ “Squad” has a history of attacks on Israel.

Those attacks have been widely refuted but the Congresswoman hasn’t been deterred.

And now Rashida Tlaib tried to host an anti-Semitic event inside the U.S. Capitol but got a major surprise she never saw coming.

Radical left-wing Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) recently attempted to host an anti-Semetic event at the Capitol Building with anti-Israel groups, but she was blocked by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 

“This event in the US Capitol is canceled,” McCarthy tweeted. “Instead, I will host a bipartisan discussion to honor the 75th anniversary of the US-Israel relationship.”

The Speaker rightly condemned the Democrats’ plans as “anti-Semitic,” and preempted her by reserving the same event space on the House side of the Capitol for a bipartisan commemoration of Israel’s 75th anniversary, which is on May 14.

But the extremist “Squad” member simply doubled down on her plans to host the anti-Semitic event, vowing that Palestinian Americans “will not be silenced.”

She moved her event recognizing the “Nakba,” a Palestinian term for the 1948 founding of Israel which translates to “catastrophe,” to a Senate hearing room, and later declared, “Let the headlines read ‘McCarthy tries to erase Palestine but fails.”

“This event is planned to bring awareness about the Nakba and create space for Palestinian Americans who experienced the Nakba firsthand to tell their stories of trauma and survival,” Tlaib claimed. “The Nakba is a well-documented historical event that is recognized by the United Nations. We cannot allow the same people who want to ban books and erase history simply because they’re uncomfortable with the truth to silence Palestinian voices.”

Rep. Tlaib had previously derided Israel as an “apartheid state” back in May, claiming it was founded on the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians.

Twitter users quickly pushed back on those comments, with the new “community notes” fact-check feature setting the record straight..

“Tlaib’s ignorance and hatred toward the Jewish people and the State of Israel know no bounds,” Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations Gilad Erdan said. “The facts are clear: the Arabs rejected the U.N.’s resolution to establish a Jewish state and started a war to annihilate the Jews in Israel.”

This all occurred as Israel’s Iron Dome defense system warded off hundreds of rockets launched out of Gaza on Wednesday – a fact of life the Israeli people shouldn’t have to live with simply because they exist.

Israel responded with airstrikes that killed a trio of senior members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group.

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