Rashida Tlaib just made an insane remark that has voters scratching their heads

As far as the United States Congress is concerned, the far-left extremist faction known as the “Squad” presents a serious threat to the future of America. 

This “Squad” is united by their hatred for Christians, Jews, and America, and everything they say or do has America’s worst interests in mind. 

And Rashida Tlaib just made an insane remark that has voters scratching their heads. 

The “Squad” and their extreme far-left followers are a major threat to America

In recent years, the Left in America has become more radicalized than at any other point in American history. 

These radicals openly admit to being Marxists and they have a deep-rooted hatred for western culture, Christians, America, and everybody who does not think exactly like them. 

The “Squad” in Congress is the very embodiment of America’s growing extreme far-left. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are always competing to out-do the other, but what Rashida Tlaib just claimed might just take the cake. 

When talking about the Senate filibuster, Tlaib claimed on Twitter, “The filibuster is a kill switch that perpetuates white supremacy. It has a long history of being used to block civil rights legislation. It is still used to block economic and racial justice. Abolish it.” 

In recent years, eliminating the Senate filibuster has become a focal point for the extreme Left, which was echoed in Tlaib’s dramatic and painfully stupid tweet. 

The truth is, there is nothing “systemically racist” about the Senate filibuster. 

The filibuster is the only procedural tool in place to prevent majority rule in the Senate, which is the only reason the “Squad” is calling it racist.

By requiring three-fifths support for passage of bills, the idea is that legislation must form some sort of consensus among America’s Senators – to act as a “cooling plate” for the heated passions of the House of Representatives, where legislation passes with support from 50%+1. 

This has nothing to do with race and the “Squad” is wrong to jump straight to that dubious conclusion once again. 

It is about time that somebody puts the “Squad” in their place

Each and every time the radical Left and the “Squad” does not get their way, they immediately claim that everything is racist. 

Not only does this distract from the real reasons why their policy ideas are impractical, but it also distracts from people who actually are racist and deserve condemnation. 

Just think about the classic story of the boy who cried wolf.  

When a real wolf came along nobody believed him anymore. 

Likewise, very few people take these radical and extreme claims by the “Squad” seriously anymore. 

Nevertheless, it is very important for conservatives to challenge these proud Marxists on their extreme worldview. 

If the “Squad” had it their way, America would be a communist nation with no religion, no culture, and no traditions. 

Freedom-loving Americans must fight back against these extremists with everything they have. 

America must never be allowed to become a socialist nation. 

In addition to that, Americans must also fight to keep the Senate filibuster preserved. 

Getting rid of the filibuster would give Democrats a chance to ram through their extreme socialist agenda with a simple majority, which they strengthened in the recent Midterm Elections.

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