Raphael Warnock has a lot to answer for leading up to the Georgia runoff election

The Midterm elections aren’t over yet. 

While Democrats will control the Senate either way with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie breaking vote, Georgia will decide whether or not they have a true majority. 

And leading up to the Georgia runoff, Raphael Warnock has a lot to answer for.

All eyes are now on Georgia where incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock will face off with Hershel Walker in a runoff election. 

Raphael Warnock considers himself to be a Christian pastor. 

But the Senator sure has engaged in some un-Christ like behavior and it isn’t just his support for abortion-on-demand. 

Warnock the greedy slumlord

Warnock receives a lavish $7,417 per month housing allowance from his church. 

His church owns a low-income apartment building, and is threatening to evict tenants over as little as $192 in overdue rent. 

One tenant is Phillip White, a former Marine who served two combat tours in Vietnam. 

Warnock’s property manager served White with a dispossessory notice over $192 in unpaid rent. 

White has since paid $542, but the eviction case remains open. 

Warnock outright lied and claimed that nobody was being evicted from his property, but court records showed two evictions have been carried out since the start of the pandemic.

White was interviewed by the Free Beacon and called out Warnock’s lies.

“[Warnock] said there would be no evictions,” he said “He knew that was a lie. What he was really saying is there would be no evictions until after the election.”

Warnock’s opponent Herschel Walker offered to pay any past due rents of tenants Warnock is seeking to evict.

White, however, declined his offer, saying he would feel better if he paid off the debt himself.

Democrats like Warnock, supported eviction moratoriums during the pandemic, in which landlords who depended on rental income went unpaid for months, meanwhile Warnock was throwing people out on streets over a few hundred bucks.

Even more hypocrisy

Warnock has received endorsements from several leftist groups that have called to Defund the Police, including Color of Change, the Sierra Club, and The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund.

Warnock had previously called police officers thugs, and said we should “reimagine” policing in America. 

Meanwhile, campaign finance disclosures show that Warnock spent nearly a million dollars of campaign cash on private security. 

Warnock has tried to walk back from the Defund the Police rhetoric, seeing how politically toxic that dangerous idea is, but he sure has no qualms about accepting money from groups that support Defunding the Police, then using that money on his own private security. 

I guess you don’t need the police when you can afford million dollar security contractors to protect you, but most average people would like someone to call when they need help. 

Of course, despite all his anti-police rhetoric, Warnock doesn’t seem to have any qualms about making the Sheriff’s Office do his dirty work of evicting tenants. 

Hopefully, Georgians will see Warnock for the hypocrite he is. 

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