Rand Paul left Americans in stitches after paying homage to this classic holiday tradition

On Christmas Eve Eve, the talk of the town in Washington D.C. was the massive omnibus bill that was just rammed through Congress.

This omnibus bill is a prime example of wasteful government spending on steroids. 

But Rand Paul left Americans in stitches after paying homage to this classic holiday tradition. 

Out-of-control spending is bankrupting the United States

There are very few threats that are as imminent and dire to the average American as the massive size of the national debt. 

Years of out-of-control, reckless spending have caused the national debt to balloon in size that puts the financial future of America in extreme risk. 

Politicians who have signed onto these disastrous bills are to blame, but fortunately, there are some in Washington, D.C. who are not willing to sell out their country.  

One such politician is Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and just recently, Senator Paul decided to add a comical holiday twist to a very important message about fiscal responsibility. 

If you are a fan of the classic sitcom Seinfeld, then you are aware of “Festivus.”  

This made-up holiday features an annual airing of grievances, and this Festivus, Rand Paul aired his grievances over wasteful government spending on Fox News. 

More specifically, Senator Rand Paul asked, “Who’s to blame?” 

“One need not look further than the $3.5 trillion that the big government politicians in Congress spent on the so-called Inflation Reduction Act,” Paul continued, “which ultimately does nothing to truly combat rising inflation rates.” 

He then added, “Worse, those same big spenders have just teamed up to pass a pork-laden $1.9 trillion omnibus spending package for 2023, released in the dead of night, and voted into law without anyone having read it.”

Some specific examples of waste include $2.3 million to inject beagle puppies with cocaine, and it spent $1.1 million to watch mice get drunk.

Wasteful government spending is no joke at the end of the day

Even though Senator Rand Paul used comic relief to discuss wasteful spending, the truth is, there is nothing funny about out-of-control, wasteful government spending. 

That is because American taxpayers are the ones who have to foot the bill for these ridiculous and expensive wastes. 

Moreover, this reckless spending has contributed to the rising inflation rates, which may cause the economy to bottom out in the near future. 

Record-breaking inflation, rising prices, and economic uncertainty are all symptoms of reckless spending. 

America and the American government are in serious need of some fiscal responsibility, or else the nation is doomed. 

The recent $1.7 trillion spending bill, otherwise known as the omnibus bill is a prime example of a bill that is loaded with unnecessary spending. 

These sorts of bills are exactly what have destroyed the United States economy, and spending, even more, will only do more damage. 

Democrats and weak Republicans are practically addicted to spending, and America is in serious danger unless this spending is slowed down dramatically. 

American taxpayers should not have to fund foreign wars while their own communities fall apart. 

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