Rachel Maddow is facing intense backlash after brushing this bombshell report under the rug

Screenshot via Youtube, MSNBC

Gone are the days of ethical reporting and journalism as virtually every media outlet now serves as nothing more than state media.

No matter what Joe Biden and the ruling class elite do the media is there to defend and protect them from criticism and scrutiny. 

And now Rachel Maddow is facing intense backlash after brushing this bombshell report under the rug. 

Leftists are doing everything in their power to dismiss the groundbreaking Durham report

Earlier this week, the political world was rocked after the release of the highly anticipated report from Special Counsel John Durham. 

The Durham report revealed deep-rooted corruption within the FBI, as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign’s direct involvement in proliferating the “Russian collusion” hoax following the 2016 elections. 

Durham’s report shows that the “Russia collusion” hoax that the Left perpetuated for years was made up from the start.

Furthermore, it shows that the FBI has been compromised by radical left-wing political actors who are misusing federal resources for political gain. 

Unsurprisingly, the media is working tirelessly to discredit this groundbreaking report. 

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who is one of the most extreme left-wing “reporters” on television, completely dismissed the Durham report on her program, which is now only aired once a week after years of low viewership. 

“The second thing we are keeping an eye on tonight is the reaction, particularly the reaction on the political right to the ‘long-awaited’ Durham report,” Maddow claimed. “What? ‘The long awaited’ what? Well, the reason we’re watching for the right and their reaction to this is because the Durham report is only really long awaited by them, and they really, really have been awaiting this report.”

“For years they have been heralding the great revelations John Durham would soon reveal about Trump’s political opponents, and the deep state and all their evil ways,” she added. “It has really never worked out the way they had hoped. In sum total, what John Durham got out of his investigation was one guilty plea out of an FBI lawyer, an FBI employee, who admitted he made a misrepresentation in a single e-mail.”  

Maddow was one of the most vocal critics of the Trump administration, and did more than virtually any other media pundit to spread these lies and distortions to the American public. 

Now she’s been caught in a massive lie yet again, and instead of confessing to her mistakes, Maddow is doubling down on her flawed work. 

Rachel Maddow and her cronies in the media have no shame

Rachel Maddow’s inability to take accountability for the lies she, and her cronies in the media, have perpetuated represents everything wrong with today’s media. 

Instead of reporting the facts, and allowing viewers to make up their own minds, Rachel Maddow spews Democrat talking points with the hope of brainwashing her viewers. 

Fortunately, she does not have many viewers, because even MSNBC watchers are fed up with her lies and radical agenda. 

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