Pro-life Americans are beside themselves over this Democrat-controlled state’s grotesque new abortion scheme

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Democrats have gone all-in on forcing their abortion on-demand up until and often after the moment of birth agenda on the entire nation.

They won’t stop until the so-called “right” to indiscriminately murder children in the womb is enshrined nationwide.

And pro-life Americans are beside themselves over this Democrat-controlled state’s grotesque new abortion scheme.

Abortion groups in sixteen states are seeking to bring ballot measures on the issue

After Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022, America saw new energy come to the abortion conversation. 

Pro-life groups saw it as the first opportunity in over 50 years to put commonsense restrictions on the murder of unborn children in the womb.

And pro-abortion activists saw it as a threat, and began to dig in.

The frontline of the fight for life was brought to the doorsteps of millions of Americans. 

Petitions were widely circulated to push the issue to the ballot and let the people decide. 

That led to the six statewide ballot measures on abortion — the most in the nation’s history.

Now, Americans in as many as sixteen states may be getting ready to vote on abortion-related ballot measures this fall. 

So far there have been four states to approve a referendum on abortion with twelve in the works. 

But none are as outrageous as the “Right to Abortion Initiative” in Colorado.

Colorado group tries to ensure that all Coloradans will pay for abortions under Constitution

Colorado is one of four states that allow for abortion throughout the entirety of pregnancy. 

But that isn’t good enough for the radical abortion lobby in the state. 

Earlier this month, the abortion group Coloradans for Protecting Reproductive Freedom (CPRF) announced that they had met the necessary standards to bring their ballot measure to the people.

The “Right to Abortion Initiative” aims to guarantee that all Colorado women have access to abortion. 

 “The right to abortion is hereby recognized, government shall not deny, impede, or discriminate against the exercise of that right, including prohibiting health insurance coverage for abortion,” it says.

That means that the ballot measure will guarantee abortion access under taxpayer-funded medical coverage at any point during pregnancy.

“A right isn’t a right” if you can’t afford it

This is a dramatic shift from current Colorado law that has placed a prohibition on state-funded abortions for over 40 years.

Under the proposed measure, every Coloradan will be complicit in the death of unborn children. 

And the Co-Chair for CPRF, Karen Middleton is celebrating the approval of the vote. 

“In this time of uncertainty, we need to secure abortion rights and access in the Colorado Constitution beyond the reach of politics and politicians,” proclaimed Middleton.

“This initiative will secure that right for present and future generations,” she vowed.

Middleton went on to say that “a right isn’t a right” if some don’t have the ability to pay for it. 

“We have to ensure that insurance coverage for every Coloradan, whether the source is public or private, includes abortion care,” she says.

The issue will be on Colorado voters’ ballots in November.

But if it doesn’t reach the threshold of 55%, it will not pass.

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