Prince Harry just made another shocking claim about his family that has all hell breaking loose

Mark Jones, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

For some reason no family in the world attracts as much attention as the British royal family.

With that also comes plenty of scrutiny.

And Prince Harry just made another shocking claim about his family that has all hell breaking loose.

Prince Harry has no idea why his famous family has kept their distance from him 

These are very dark and concerning times for the British royal family. 

Earlier this year, King Charles III publicly announced his cancer diagnosis, while his daughter-in-law, Princess Catherine, divulged her own cancer diagnosis soon after. 

These shocking diagnoses have cast a shadow over Buckingham Palace, causing many Britons to fear about the future of their royal family. 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, live thousands of miles away from the rest of his family, taking up residence in California as his sister-in-law and father suffer. 

The separation between Prince Harry and his family goes much deeper than their physical distance from each other. 

Harry has come under fire in recent years for trashing his family, hurling personal and shocking insults at his father and brother, Prince William, in his recently released memoir, Spare

Yet, recent remarks from Harry show that he has no idea why his family does not want him around. 

This confusion stems from last month’s iconic Trooping the Colour ceremony, which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not invited to.

Instead, the couple had to watch the ceremony on TV some 6,000 miles away from the action. 

A source close to Prince Harry and the royal family told Closer Magazine, “He’s heartbroken and confused by the way they’ve cut him off and seemingly haven’t given it another thought.”

“Harry was very upset and emotional when he saw the footage of Kate [Middleton] at Trooping the Colour.  Whilst he has managed to connect with her on a few occasions it’s not nearly as often as he’d like,” the insider added.

These reports come after rumors emerged that Prince Harry has started looking for houses in London as a result of friends refusing to visit him in California, in part due to their disdain for his wife.

Prince Harry has learned the hard way that he cannot have his cake and eat it too

Prior to his big move to California, Prince Harry constantly lamented the royal family. 

His controversial wife Meghan Markle even went as far as to infer that she thinks the royal family is racist, telling Oprah Winfrey in a widely broadcasted interview that courtiers questioned the color of their grandchild’s skin. 

It appears as if Prince Harry wants to get back to being a Prince and everything that comes with it, something that he flatly rejected just several years ago. 

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