President Biden is running for cover over this new report from an energy expert

While American workers struggle to fill up their tanks, President Joe Biden has one quick and easy solution for them. 

Buy an electric vehicle. 

But a new report from an energy expert has President Biden scrambling to defend his failed energy policies. 

Let them drive Teslas!

No, Buttigieg didn’t really dress up like Marie Antoinette and say that.

But there’s more truth in satire than in the mainstream media these days. 

And there’s no denying President Joe Biden and his administration want to force Americans to buy electric cars. 

As part of his so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” his administration created a $7,500 tax credit as an incentive to make the switch. 

Following the news of the new tax credit, Ford immediately hiked the price of their electric trucks by $8,500. 

The Biden Administration is spending $5 billion on a nationwide charging network. 

And yes, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg did really say if you are unhappy with record-high gas prices under President Biden, just buy an EV. 

And, of course, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants you to buy an EV – as long as it’s not a Tesla. 

But energy experts are arguing that EVs might not carry with them quite the savings AOC and the Biden Administration are claiming. 

Electricity just as expensive as gasoline

Energy analyst Bill Cinnamon believes the Sunday drive of electric cars will come to a crash ending because of the expense of charging at work and at public charging stations. 

“If we trade gas stations for utility-based EV charging during the day, our costs to drive the car and fuel up those cars is going to cost even more than gas at $3.50 a gallon,” Cinnamon said.

And it gets worse. 

Cinnamon added that the cost to charge an electric car would continue to rise as the price of grid electricity continues to skyrocket.

And the more items plugging into the grid, the scarcer electricity will be – making it even more expensive. 

Cinnamon’s analysis is backed up by what EV drivers are already experiencing in the United Kingdom. 

Learn a lesson from the UK

According to a report from the Daily Wire, in the United Kingdom, the price to charge an EV at public charging stations has increased by 42% – just since May.

That brings the cost per mile to drive an electric car in the UK to 19 cents. 

How much does it cost to drive the average gas-guzzler across the pond? 

20 cents! 

“For those that have already made the switch to an electric car or are thinking of doing so, it remains the case that charging away from home costs less than refueling a petrol or diesel car, but these figures show that the gap is narrowing as a result of the enormous increases in the cost of electricity,” RAC spokesman Simon Williams explained.

It’s going to take a while for that penny-per-mile to add up to the kind of saving Democrats have been talking about as states like California and New York ban the selling of gas cars past 2035.

Which would you rather drive?