President Biden is putting U.S. Security at risk to defend Ukraine

There’s no question President Joe Biden’s domestic policies have been unmitigated disasters.

But the argument can be made that his foreign policy agenda has an even worse record. 

And now President Biden is putting U.S. Security at risk to defend Ukraine. 

An embarrassment on the world stage

In his four-years in the White House, former President Donald Trump ushered in an era of peace the likes of which Americans hadn’t witnessed in a generation. 

Not only did he not get the United States entangled in any new foreign conflicts, he decreased the number of troops overseas and led efforts striking several peace accords in the Middle East. 

And then Joe Biden won the controversial 2020 election and immediately reversed course. 

Since then, we’ve seen no new peace accords, a botched withdraw of Afghanistan that left Americans behind and the country in the hands of the Taliban, re-entering negotiations to allow Iran to become a nuclear power, fist-bumping with the Prince of Saudi Arabia as the President begged the country to produce more oil, and the complete bowing down to China. 

And to rub salt into the wound, President Joe Biden has supposedly “aided” Ukraine’s efforts to fight back an invasion from Russia. 

But Ukraine has little chance of winning its battle against Russian Premier Vladmir Putin, so the longer the conflict in Eastern Europe wages on, the more innocent Ukrainians are losing their lives.

Meanwhile, American workers are on the hook for about $60 billion being sent to the war-torn country. 

Biden’s America-Last policies

And while the Biden Administration is happy to send money and supplies to Ukraine, the men and women of the U.S. military are having to make due with the leftovers. 

The fact is, the U.S. military is now facing an ammo shortage. 

It’s just the latest example of Biden’s America Last policies in effect. 

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Biden has so far sent more than $13 billion in weapons systems and accompanying ammunition to Ukraine from the United States’ existing arsenals.

But a Pentagon official told the WSJ, efforts have not been made to replenish the existing ammo.   

The unnamed Pentagon official called the U.S. stockpile of ammo “uncomfortably low.” 

“It is not at the level we would like to go into combat,” the anonymous Pentagon source said. 

This has led the U.S. Army to request an additional $500 million yearly for upgrades to ammunition factories and increasing the threshold on existing production contracts.

Defense industry leaders told WSJ the Biden Administration has not “clearly communicated the changes in production requirements brought on by U.S. assistance to Ukraine” and has not expanded production capacity to make up for the additional munitions needed to replenish stocks.

The Pentagon could reach out to the IRS for ammo. 

According to MAGA Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, the IRS has stockpiled five-million rounds of ammunition this year alone.

All those bullets have set taxpayers back $725,000.

What should be the bigger priority for the U.S. President?