Pope Francis wants to send your kids’ Christmas presents overseas

Many American families are going to have to cut back for Christmas this year. 

Bidenflation caused by reckless government spending has robbed them of their purchasing power, forcing them to tighten their belts. 

Now Pope Francis wants to send your kids’ Christmas presents overseas.

Send Christmas to Ukraine

Pope Francis recently called on Christians to cut back on Christmas this year and send the savings to Ukraine. 

“I would like to draw some attention to the coming Christmas, even the parties,” he said. “It’s nice to celebrate Christmas, to have parties . . . but let’s lower the level of Christmas spending a bit,” Francis said. 

“Let’s have a humbler Christmas, with more humble gifts,” he proposed. “We send what we save to the Ukrainian people, who are in need, who suffer so much.”

“They are hungry, they feel the cold and many die because there are no doctors or nurses at hand,” the Pope said.

“Let us not forget: a Christmas, yes; at peace with the Lord, yes, but with Ukrainians in our hearts. And let’s make that concrete gesture for them,” he said.

Of course, for those of us in the United States, we have already sent plenty to Ukraine. 

The US has already sent $68 billion in taxpayer dollars to Ukraine. 

The Biden administration has asked Congress for an additional $37 billion. 

We have already sent more to Ukraine than the annual cost of our own war in Afghanistan. 

We have been squeezed enough

This spending, along with other government spending pushed by Joe Biden and the Democrats’ is the reason inflation has reached a 40-year high. 

As a result, Americans are already having to cut back on what they would normally spend at Christmas time. 

We don’t have even more to send to Ukraine on top of the billions in taxpayer money we already have. 

American Catholics deserve to enjoy themselves a little bit this Christmas after the rough few years they have had, without the Pope guilt tripping them for it. 

This Pope always demands that average hard-working people cut back on the things they enjoy. 

He recently told attendees at a European youth conference to cut down on eating meat to “save the planet.”

Pope Francis has pushed for more government action to fight “climate change.”

Of course, countries that followed the Green agenda didn’t actually curb fossil fuel consumption, they simply imported it from other countries like Russia. 

While the US and much of Europe recently embargoed Russian oil, they had been purchasing it for years prior.

Essentially these climate policies supported by Pope Francis have helped bankroll the Russian war machine. 

Now he wants you to send even more of your hard-earned money to Ukraine for a war that these  misguided policies he championed helped create. 

The last few years have been really tough on American families. 

They deserve to enjoy this Christmas guilt-free. 

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