Pope Francis just unleashed a direct attack on American Catholics that will go down as the most blasphemous statement ever made by a Pontiff

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American Catholics just can’t catch a break.

When they’re not being targeted by the Biden regime they’re being thrown under the bus by the supposed Vicar of Christ.

And now Pope Francis just unleashed a direct attack on American Catholics that will go down as the most blasphemous statement ever made by a Pontiff.

Catholicism is tradition

Catholics have a target on their back in the United States.

Who can forget last year when the FBI was informing its agents to be on the lookout for radical Catholics who are pro-life and believe in traditional marriage?

Despite all the issues the nation faces, the FBI is more worried about throwing Catholics in jail for following their religious dogma than they are about going after hardened criminals who are killing people on the streets.

But it’s not just the FBI that’s openly targeting American Catholics.

Now, Pope Francis is claiming that Catholics in the United States are backwards traditionalists.

Pope Francis is being blasphemous again

The pontiff told a group of Jesuits this past Monday that American Catholics have a real problem.

“The situation is not easy in the United States where there is a very strong reactionary attitude,” Pope Francis claimed. “It is organized and shapes the way people belong, even emotionally.”

And if that wasn’t enough of an attack on American Catholics, the Pope continued by saying that he “would like to remind those people that ‘backwardism’ is useless and we need to understand that there is an appropriate evolution in the understanding of matters of faith and morals.”

But if there were any American Catholics still in support of Pope Francis, he decided to ruin all remaining credibility he had in the Church by claiming that the “evolution” of “science” helps the Church grow its “understanding.”

“Our understanding of the human person changes with time and our consciousness also deepens,” the Pope claimed. “The other sciences and their evolution also help the Church in this growth in understanding.”

This is one of the most blasphemous things a Pope has ever said.

The idea that tradition and morality are fluid is just wrong.

Fundamentals and traditions of the Church are what it is built upon.

If tradition and morality are fluid, why doesn’t the Catholic Church listen to the local blue haired loner kid who claims that there are 666 genders?

If tradition has no place in the Church, neither does the idea that God made us either man or woman.

The best thing that could happen to Catholicism is for Pope Francis to leave the Church.

Because at this rate, the Catholic Church won’t be around after all the traditionalist Catholics leave the Church.

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