Pope Francis could be considering one shocking change to church doctrine

Photo by Long Thiên , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Pope Francis has dragged the Catholic Church to the extreme Left politically.

He has espoused support for much of left-wing radicals’ “woke” agenda.

And now Pope Francis could be considering one shocking change to church doctrine.

Pope Francis has taken left-wing positions on everything from climate change to capitalism.

He recently even voiced his support for same-sex marriage.

And now, the Pope may be relaxing the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality altogether.

Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, a key adviser to Pope Francis, said that the church cannot ask “impossible things” of homosexuals.

Hollerich, a fellow Jesuit, was named to Pope Francis’s cabinet of advisers.

“How can you condemn people who cannot love except the same sex?” Hollerich said in an interview. “For some of them it is possible to be chaste, but calling others to chastity seems like speaking Egyptian to them.”

This is how secular values have diluted Church doctrine.

The top priority of the Church should be in accordance with God, not a modern-day notion of popularity.

“We can only charge people with moral conduct they can bear in their world,” Hollerich added. “If we ask impossible things of them, we will put them off. If we say everything they do is intrinsically wrong, it is like saying their life has no value.”

But Hollerich did not stop there.

“I find the part of the teaching calling homosexuality ‘intrinsically disordered’ a bit dubious,” he continued. “We should not reduce homosexuality to inordinate sexual relations. That is a very crude way of understanding a human person.”

Ironically, bending to secular values has not made the Church more popular.

As secularism takes root, religious affiliation withers away.

Cardinal Robert McElroy, who was just recently appointed as a Cardinal by Pope Francis, echoed similar sentiments as Hollerich.

“I’ve said for some years I felt, and others have too, that the intrinsically disordered language is a disservice,” McElroy said. “The problem is, it’s used in the catechism as a philosophical term, but to us in our country and really most of the world, disorder is thought of as psychological. It’s a terrible word and it should be taken out of the catechism.”

“On the question of the distinction between activity and orientation, the point I was trying to make in the article was God’s embrace of L.G.B.T. people, like the church’s embrace, should [not] be [based on] whether they’re [sexually] active or not; that should not determine whether we seek to include people, reach out to them, look on them as fellow strivers with strengths and weaknesses and areas where they’re doing well,” he added.

Jesuits are known to be a left-wing order, so the push toward secular values is not particularly shocking.

Pope Francis, however, has maintained a staunchly pro-life position, much to the dismay of the leftists who like him otherwise.

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