Police officers are terrified after the unthinkable happened in one dangerous city

There has never been a more dangerous time to be a law enforcement officer in America than right now. 

Anti-police violence has become an accepted part of the far-left’s political strategy.

And now police officers are terrified after the unthinkable happened in one dangerous city. 

Democrats have declared a total war on law enforcement

Over the last several years, Democrats have made it very clear they do not support state and local law enforcement whatsoever. 

To make matters worse, many leftists have openly incited violence against law enforcement, and the results have been nothing short of tragic. 

But a recent attack on police officers in Los Angeles may be one of the most significant attacks on police officers in recent memory. 

Last Wednesday morning, a car plowed into a large group of police trainees who were out for their morning run. 

The attack happened in the suburb of Whittier, and Fox 11 LA is reporting that as many as 20 trainees were injured, with five sustaining critical injuries. 

It remains unclear whether this was intentional or accidental, however, it is a known fact that these officers typically wear bright reflective vests when running and often run in very large groups, meaning that it would be very difficult to plow into them like this accidentally.  

Police apprehended a suspect in this attack who is believed to be the driver of the vehicle, but inexplicably released him even after being charged with attempted murder.

If this was intentional, as investigators initially believed, then it will be one of the most significant attacks on law enforcement in years. 

Years of anti-cop rhetoric from Democrats have created an environment in which violence against the police is not just instigated, but encouraged. 

Unsurprisingly, California Democrats have been very quiet about this attack.  

That is because they know that they likely have blood on their hands now. 

Now more than ever is the time to support law enforcement

The bottom line is, now more than ever, Americans need to be supporting law enforcement. 

And with crime rates reaching insane heights, the need for more cops is dire. 

The Left’s crusade to defund the police has been nothing short of a complete and total disaster, and many police departments are desperate to hire more cops. 

The scary thing is, attacks like this will only increase the more the Left encourages their base to despise the police. 

The very notion that police officers are to blame for society’s woes is absolutely ridiculous. 

Make no mistake, black communities are not struggling because of policing, they are struggling due to decades of socialist policies from the Democrats they have continued to elect and re-elect. 

Instead of defunding the police, communities need to start placing an emphasis on raising families instead of drug dealing, drug use, and other forms of degenerate behavior that is tearing America into pieces. 

Until this change happens then there is little hope for many of America’s impoverished communities. 

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