Police officers are furious over these top Democrats’ insane move to bow down to the violent Black Lives Matter mob

Photo by Lives Matter from Pexel

Roughly three years ago America descended into chaos following the death of George Floyd. 

Nearly every Democrat-controlled city in America erupted into violence while Democrat politicians cheered them on. 

And now police officers are furious over these top Democrats’ insane move to bow down to the violent Black Lives Matter mob.

Democrats have officially chosen to side with criminals over law enforcement officers

Crime is raging out of control in Democrat-cities across the nation, and sadly, it’s even spilling into Republican-led cities and states.

Following the death of George Floyd, Democrat lawmakers declared war on law enforcement, gutting their budgets and rendering officers practically useless with a number of pro-crime policies. 

Instead of keeping their communities safe, Democrats prioritized bowing down to known domestic terrorist groups, like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the rest of the “defund the police” movement.

Three years later, many Democrats are still convinced that their hatred of the police is justified. 

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve a resolution that recognizes the “dedication and devotion demonstrated by the men and women of local law enforcement who keep our communities safe,” and “condemns calls to defund, disband, dismantle, or abolish the police.”

While the motion passed, 117 Democrat Members of Congress voted against the common-sense resolution. 

One outspoken opponent of the resolution is radical left-wing Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who claimed that “this resolution is nothing more than empty rhetoric designed to score political points.”

“It talks about leftist violence, but it refuses to talk about right-wing violence,” he added. “It is not a balanced or fair resolution.” 

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) echoed these frustrations.

“I resent the characterization that somehow we progressives do not support law enforcement just because we want to have accountability in our community so that black and brown people can walk down the street and feel safe,” Jayapal claimed, pretending as if making the streets less safe for law-abiding citizens is the way to end actual police brutality.

Hilariously though, Rep. Jayapal was singing a much different tune back in 2020, during Black Lives Matters’ summer of violence, that certainly sounds a lot like someone who doesn’t support law enforcement.

“Law enforcement as a whole has a culture of brutality that you cannot deny if you look at all of these incidents,” Jayapal said. “Most of the protesters are calling for a complete transformation of policing.”

Democrats, like Jayapal, can backtrack to their heart’s content, but the truth is, they are not supporters of law enforcement, and they prove that beyond any doubt each and every they make outrageous claims, like the idea that law enforcement “culture” is one of “brutality.”

Whenever the woke left-wing mob confronts weak-kneed lawmakers, like Rep. Jayapal, they bow down and obey every single time. 

2020 proved the Democrat Party is resolutely the anti-police party

If the 2020 riots proved anything, it is that many Democrats loathe law enforcement officers, and will do anything to bring them to their knees.

This hatred for law enforcement has resulted in many police departments losing funding and resources, which directly correlates to crime spikes. 

Democrats have proven that they are the party of crime and criminals. 

Their so-called reforms disproportionately harm law-abiding citizens, which is why many are now afraid to leave their homes as violent crime surges as a direct result of Democrat policies.

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