Peyton Manning was stunned into silence after Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled out the last thing anyone expected on live TV

Photo by Mario Pena, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia,

Peyton Manning has seen a lot of things throughout his career.

But he’s never seen anything like this.

And now Peyton Manning was stunned into silence after Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled out the last thing anyone expected on live TV.

Peyton’s seen it all

Hall of Fame quarterback and two-time Super Bowl Champion Peyton Manning has been surrounded by football since he was born, as his father, Archie, also had a nearly 15-year career as a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, and Houston Oilers.

And ever since he buckled his chinstrap for the first time, Manning has stood out, ultimately becoming one of the top quarterbacks to ever play the game.

No matter, Manning always seemed to find a way to win the game – unless he ran up against Tom Brady, of course.

Despite obvious athletic limitations, he commanded his offense in a way few will ever be able to replicate, and always worked overtime in the film room to ensure he knew the opposing defense better than they knew themselves.

Even now that Manning’s Hall of Fame career is over, he continues to be one of the top minds in football, serving as an analyst for ESPN on the ManningCast, an alternative broadcast of Monday Night Football he hosts alongside his brother, Eli.

And while the brothers have had plenty of guests on their broadcast over the years, they weren’t prepared for what happened when Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped by the show.

Stunned into silence

Anyone who knows Schwarzenegger knows that he is about as crazy as they come, as he is willing to try and do anything – hence his past steroid-infused physique.

But this took his spontaneous actions to a new level.

While being interviewed on the ManningCast, Schwarzenegger was on the camera screen when something came up right next to him live on air.

At first glance, it is hard to make out what exactly this thing is next to the actor.

But as it turns out, Schwarzennegger was simply feeding his pet donkey, Lulu.

Peyton was stunned into silence while Eli tried to recover before taking the show into a commercial break at the sight of the donkey.

“What is Arnold — what is that?” Eli said. “That donkey looks like you eating, Peyton. Arnold, I assume your donkey’s name is Peyton?”

After the break, Lulu was still with Arnold and the two Manning brothers were still in shock.

No one could have ever imagined that Schwarzenegger had a pet donkey.

Would you have a pet donkey?