Pete Buttigieg utterly humiliated himself on national TV with this disastrous interview

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Everything is going wrong for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. 

He added to his misery when he stepped on a rake once again. 

And Pete Buttigieg was utterly humiliated on national TV with this disastrous interview.

Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is under fire after a series of self-inflicted catastrophes.

He completely botched the response to the derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio.

Air travel has been plagued by a growing number of delays and cancellations, and the nation’s infrastructure is crumbling under his watch.

He’s trying to do damage control to save his tattered image, as even Democrats have begun to grumble about his lackluster job performance.

Secretary Buttigieg tried to blame House Republicans who oppose wokeness for the poor state of the nation’s infrastructure and transportation safety, during an interview with Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

He claimed that a GOP bill to ban biological men from competing in women’s sports was “getting in the way” of fixing infrastructure.

“Why do you think some Republicans are stalling on this?” host Desi Lydic asked Buttigieg about infrastructure. “Is it because they’re too busy focused on starting culture wars?”

“Well, I do think that the culture wars are getting in the way sometimes,” Buttigieg replied. “I mean, just the other day I was testifying in the appropriations subcommittee explaining how our budget was going to help with things like railroad safety, air traffic control, and other transportation needs, and we had to take a break so they could all go and vote on a bill to kick transgender teenagers off of sports teams.”

House Republicans passed a bill on a party line vote that required athletes to compete in sports based on their biological gender rather than what they identify as.

“That was the priority for the House GOP that day,” Buttigieg continued. “So, these things really are getting in the way of our ability to get work done. We’re literally building bridges, and they are literally banning books.”

Buttigieg is laughably trying to blame Republicans for his massive failures as Transportation Secretary.

Stopping men from competing in women’s sports has nothing to do with why the American transportation system is a mess.

In 2021, Congress passed a wasteful $1.2 trillion bipartisan so-called “infrastructure bill” that was backed by Buttigieg – even though it spent the overwhelming majority of its so-called “infrastructure spending” on radical left-wing special interests, rather than actual roads and bridges.

But according to the Transportation Secretary, that isn’t enough to fix the mess that’s developed under his management.

Secretary Buttigieg has prioritized a woke agenda instead of actually doing his job managing the country’s infrastructure.

Instead of handling the train derailment in East Palestine, he went to a conference to complain about the number of white men in the construction industry – even though the demographics of the construction industry are almost an exact mirror reflection of the nation’s racial breakdown.

He’s claimed highways and roads are inherently racist because more black people die in automobile accidents, instead of actually doing his job.

Blaming someone else for his failures is becoming standard practice for him. 

Buttigieg falsely tried to blame former President Donald Trump for the East Palestine train derailment.

He’s in way over his head trying to manage the nation’s transportation system.

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