Pete Buttigieg is throwing a tantrum after Joe Biden hit him with this major insult

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Today’s executive branch is so bloated America’s founders would not even recognize it. 

As a result of the bloated size of the federal government, even the most basic of tasks are monumental achievements that cost taxpayers billions if not trillions of dollars.

But Pete Buttigieg is throwing a tantrum after Joe Biden hit him with this major insult.

The Biden regime is a complete train wreck

Rarely does the Secretary of Transportation make headlines, however, Biden Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is breaking barriers in all the wrong ways. 

Since taking over this forgettable cabinet position, the Federal Aviation Administration issued its first ground stoppage since the attacks on 9/11, and communities across the nation have been ravaged by cataclysmic train derailments. 

Many experts and critics have said that Secretary Buttigieg is among the worst Secretaries of Transportation in American history, and it seems as though President Joe Biden might agree with them. 

Earlier this week, the Biden regime helped to work out a deal with union officials on the west coast, designed to ease congestion at these crucial ports which have caused deep-rooted supply chain issues across the world.

As a result of union boss greed, America’s ports have been backed up for years, and Buttigieg and the Biden regime have failed to fix these fundamental issues. 

Now that a solution has been reached, President Biden is giving all of the credit to his radical left-wing acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su. 

“As I have always said, collective bargaining works, and I congratulate both parties at the ports for reaching an agreement,” Biden claimed in a statement. “I want to thank Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su who used her deep experience and judgment to keep the parties talking, working with them to reach an agreement after a long and sometimes acrimonious negotiation. Above all I congratulate the port workers, who have served heroically through the pandemic and the countless challenges it brought, and will finally get the pay, benefits, and quality of life they deserve.”

“Julie Su has proven herself time and time again, both as Deputy Secretary working closely with Secretary Marty Walsh – and now as a leader who helped assure that our supply chains remain strong for America’s businesses, farmers, and working families,” he added.

Secretary Buttigieg was notably snubbed by this statement from the President. 

Joe Biden’s acting labor secretary is a threat to workers everywhere

Not only did Biden snub the Transportation Secretary in his statement, but he heaped praise on his acting Labor Secretary.

Su, who previously served as California’s Labor Secretary, is a woke left-wing extremist who has a long, documented history of rewarding union officials at the expense of American workers. 

Her central role in passing California’s A.B. 5 is among her most infamous accomplishments. 

This law effectively puts an end to the gig economy – flexible jobs at companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc. – by forcing independent contractors, including Uber and delivery drivers, to join a union. 

Whether it is Julie Su, Pete Buttigieg, or even Joe Biden one thing is for certain – the Biden regime does not care even a little bit about American workers or consumers.

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