Pete Buttigieg is hanging his head in shame after this latest transportation meltdown

At this point, it is fair to say the Joe Biden Presidency is a complete train wreck. 

What could go off the rails has and there is seemingly no end in sight. 

And Pete Buttigieg is hanging his head in shame after this latest transportation meltdown. 

Joe Biden’s first two years in office have been an unmitigated disaster

It has been nearly two years since Joe Biden took the Oath of Office, and over those two years, Joe Biden has stumbled and bumbled from one crisis to another. 

Not even many Democrats are able to name a single thing Joe Biden and his administration have done well. 

And things got much worse for the Joe Biden administration this past week. 

While travelers and commuters were waiting to board their early morning flights, the Federal Aviation Administration’s computer systems crashed, causing instant chaos. 

In the blink of an eye, an estimated 760 flights were delayed causing a logistical nightmare for tens of thousands of travelers. 

The Federal Aviation Administration is an executive branch agency that answers to the Department of Transportation, which is led by Joe Biden’s pick for Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. 

Buttigieg has had a tumultuous reign and this latest disaster showed once again that his spending time on renaming racist highways, instead of dealing with very real transportation issues was becoming a national emergency.

At 7:01 AM on the day of the computer crash, Pete Buttigieg tweeted “I have been in touch with FAA this morning about an outage affecting a key system for providing safety information to pilots. FAA is working to resolve this issue swiftly and safely so that air traffic can resume normal operations, and will continue to provide updates.” 


While the problems were resolved later in the day, however, that was too late for the thousands upon thousands of travelers whose plans were ruined by this costly error. 

This is the first ground stoppage by the Federal Aviation Administration since the attacks on 9/11. 

It is unclear exactly what caused this technical meltdown, and officials are claiming that they are looking into the root cause in order to prevent this from ever happening again. 

Regardless of what caused this error, this is a major failure by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation. 

Why the Joe Biden administration is so prone to messing things up

It is no coincidence that Joe Biden and his administration have had so many gaffes in just two years’ time. 

A major reason for these consistent failures is the corruption that proliferates the entire federal government, particularly the Biden administration.

Instead of appointing people with experience to important positions of power, Joe Biden has opted to hire people as a political favor or because of their “identity”. 

Pete Buttigieg has little to no experience with complex transnational transportation matters, which is why his tenure as Secretary of Transportation has been so flawed. 

More likely than not, Pete Buttigeig was only appointed as a political favor, it also does not hurt that he is openly gay, which is automatic qualification for Democrats these days. 

The corruption that has become so common within Washington D.C. and the Joe Biden administration is destroying America, and it is about to slim the federal government down in a major way. 

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