Pete Buttigieg broke out in a cold sweat after he received this devastating reality check

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Joe Biden has made it clear from day one that he has no interest in establishing a meritocracy within his administration.

Important government positions are constantly being doled out to Democrats’ allies who often have no related experience or qualifications whatsoever.

And Pete Buttigieg broke out in a cold sweat after he received this devastating reality check.

The Biden regime has flatly failed America

Just over two years into his Presidency, Joe Biden has already cemented himself as one of America’s worst Presidents.

Nearly every agency within his regime has faced unprecedented failures, scandals, and crises with no end in sight.

The cause for this is pretty simple – President Biden has not selected the right people for the job.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is a prime example.

Buttigieg had very limited experience with transportation matters – after all, his only possible qualification for the job was as the Major of South Bend, Indiana – and the results have been devastating for the nation.

Over the past several months alone, the Federal Aviation Administration has been forced to issue their first ground stoppage since 9/11 due to a preventable system error, and other airline travel-related issues have left millions of Americans stranded while Buttigeg is on vacation.

And then there is the horrific train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio which has poisoned the air and drinking water for an untold number of working class Americans.

For these reasons, Rep. Mike Walz (R-FL) has introduced a resolution calling on Secretary Buttigieg to resign.

“Over the last two years, Secretary Buttigieg has gone AWOL during multiple national crises,” Walz wrote. “From failing to immediately respond to last month’s major economic, environmental, and humanitarian disaster in East Palestine to neglecting his duties during a historic supply chain crisis, commercial flight crisis, rail worker strike, and so much more, Buttigieg has endangered and failed the American people time and time again.”

“That’s why I am calling for his resignation,” the Congressman added.

Thus far, the resolution has the support of at least 7 other Congressional Republicans.

Neither President Biden nor Buttigieg have responded to the resolution’s introduction.

Buttigieg‘s disastrous tenure as Secretary of Transportation proves the importance of meritocracy. 

Those in power should only be in those roles because they earned it, not because they are Democrats’ political allies, or because they check certain identity politics boxes.

Pete Buttigieg is just one of many who have been appointed by Joe Biden on account of their race, identity, sexuality, or political ties. 

Joe Biden should consider a major shakeup if he hopes to save his regime

If Joe Biden hopes to turn the tide of his failing regime, he should seriously consider shaking things up a bit. 

The American people deserve a government made up of those with the experience and qualifications to get the job done.

President Biden and his handlers are more interested in checking off as many woke demographics with each appointment as humanly possible than actually finding the right people for the job. 

Part of this is the Left’s intolerance for white men.

More often than not, if a straight white man is appointed to a position, outrage ensues from the Left. 

Until the Left rids themselves of this intolerance, the wrong people will continue to hold positions of power, and Americans will suffer as a result. 

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