Pennsylvania voters are scratching their heads after Fetterman’s latest gaffe

The Midterm elections are imminent and voters are making up their minds about who they are voting for, if they have not voted already. 

Pennsylvania is once again proving to be a pivotal race, and all eyes will be on the state this Tuesday. 

But Pennsylvania voters are scratching their heads after Fetterman’s latest gaffe.

John Fetterman is not fit for office of any kind

With the 50-50 tie in the Senate (with Vice President Kamala Harris holding the tie breaking vote), Chuck Schumer cannot afford to lose even a single Senate seat. 

Many of the traditional “swing states” have major Senate races this year, and one of those states is Pennsylvania.

This year’s Senate race in Pennsylvania is as contentious as ever, but the Democrat’s nominee is more gaffe prone and unfit for office than any other candidate in recent memory. 

John Fetterman, who is the current Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, suffered from a massive stroke recently among other health problems. 

This has caused him to fumble nearly every speaking engagement since his medical issues, and his latest interview with CBS is no exception.

Last Thursday on CBS, Chief Election and Campaign Correspondent Robert Costa asked, “Some voters we’ve spoken to in recent days say they still have some doubts about your health. What would you say to them to convince them otherwise?”

The Senate hopeful then replied by saying “I would say we have shown more and shared more kinds of medical evaluation, more than virtually anyone, unless you’re running for President.” 

He then went on to say “And I’m sitting [in] a chair with you right now to have this conversation to really just address the fact that I’m absolutely set to serve.”

So according to Fetterman, sitting in a chair is all the qualification he needs. 

But these claims by Fetterman are not just ridiculous but they are also completely untrue. 

Yes, Fetterman did get a so-called “medical evaluation,” but that evaluation was done by Dr. Clifford Chen who is a lifelong Democrat as well as a donor to Fetterman’s Senate campaign. 

With that in mind, it is fair to say that this medical evaluation was likely partial and partisan. 

After all, why would a far-left Fetterman supporter ever say that Fetterman is unfit for office?

Pennsylvania has major implications for the rest of America

The truth is, John Fetterman can barely string a coherent sentence together, nevermind make important decisions about the future of America. 

As it stands, polls are showing a very close race between Fetterman and his Republican opponent, Dr. Oz.

Every freedom loving American should be very concerned about what happens in Pennsylvania this November. 

Given the fact that many other Senate races are being considered “toss up” races, control of the Senate could very well come down to this race. 

Every vote matters tremendously in this very close election. 

John Fetterman is a far-left Democrat, and electing him to the Senate would be a disaster for America.

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