Pennsylvania state lawmakers are sounding the alarm ahead of the critical Midterm elections

America is less than two weeks away from what might be the most critical Midterm election in the history of the country.

The course for America has never been more divided depending on which party secures the outcome of the election.

Now Pennsylvania state lawmakers are sounding the alarm ahead of the critical Midterm elections.

Over 240,000 mail or absentee ballots that are marked “not verified” sent out in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives released a letter on October 25 that they addressed to the Acting Secretary of State, Leigh Champion.

In the letter, they wrote of “great concern about the process used to ensure that only qualified, legal voters vote in the 2022 General Election.”

They cite a 2018 Directive that was issued out of the Department of State that told counties to “register voters without verification of identity.” 

They stress in their letter that it is “critical to the integrity of our elections” to verify the identity of all mail and absentee ballot applicants.

They go on to say that “according to the DoS data, as of October 21, 2022, a staggering 240,000 ballots are ‘NOT VERIFIED’. That is an enormous number of ballots . . .” 

The lawmakers argue that the ballots “must be set aside and not counted for the 2022 General Election unless the voter produces ID.” 

They say it “will force the counties to, as one county election director described it, ‘go after the missing information’ to obtain proof of ID for unverified ballots.”

Even if the voter can’t be verified “the county can still issue the ballot”

In their letter they reference a hearing where the Deputy Secretary of State Jonathan Marks testified about the registration process for absentee ballots. 

Marks explained that even if your Pennsylvania ID number can’t be verified nor can your last four digits of your social security number “the county can still issue the ballot, but the ballot doesn’t count unless the voter provides a valid form of ID.”

The lawmakers expressed concern over a statement from the Department of State that contracted this testimony, telling counties that “before sending ballot to the applicant, the county board of elections confirms the qualifications by verifying the proof of identification.”

The Pennsylvania Representatives aren’t going to sit by and let chaos and confusion reign throughout this critical election cycle. 

They’re giving the Secretary of State specific instructions.

Lawmakers demand “list of all names and voter IDs” for voters that had incorrect information

They want them to “immediately issue a direction to all counties informing them of the requirement to set those ballots aside” and “correct the Guidance to reflect the testimony of Deputy Secretary marks or provide . . . explanation for the false information.”

They’re also demanding that they be given a “list of all of all the names and voter IDs for all of the applications” that had incorrect information.

They also say that because they were provided “conflicting information” by the Secretary of State they expect that “counties should be required to certify that all of these ballots have been set aside and make a record of the type of identification produced by the voter . . .”

All eyes are on Pennsylvania’s statewide races. 

John Fetterman just delivered a terrible debate performance and most honest political analysts are saying the race is going in Oz’s favor.

This year could be a repeat of 2020 with a lot of post-election lawsuits. 

These Pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to get ahead of it this time instead of reacting afterwards.

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