Pat Sajak’s bizarre reaction to one contestant’s major mistake left Wheel of Fortune fans in a state of shock

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When you think of famous game show hosts Pat Sajak is probably one of the first that comes to mind.

The 77-year-old Wheel of Fortune host has been a staple in American households for decades.

But Pat Sajak’s bizarre reaction to one contestant’s major mistake left Wheel of Fortune fans in a state of shock.

Sajak reacts to a contestant’s major fail with humility

Pat Sajak has been the long-running host of Wheel of Fortune for many years, and he’s well-known for the humorous comments he often makes towards contestants.

However, the iconic game show host had a shocking reaction to a recent contestant who majorly bombed an easy answer.

A contestant named Brittany was trying to solve a “phrase” puzzle that would garner her an impressive $11,200 prize.

The puzzle read: “A_ _T_ING IS POSSI_ _E” but instead of solving it, Brittany spun the wheel again and asked for the letter “R.”

The audience gasped in response, clearly shocked at her choice, while Brittany appeared to instantly regret her decision.

Sajak simply responded with, “I’m sorry, no R.”

The next contestant named Susan was able to solve the puzzle, saying the answer, “Anything is possible.”

In the end, neither Brittany nor Susan won the final prize.

The third player Grant raked in $27,000 before the bonus round, however, the thing that shocked the audience the most was Sajak’s response to Brittany’s mistake.

Speaking to the audience at home, Sajak said, “Sometimes you’re sitting at home, and you think, ‘I know that.’ It’s a funny thing. Sometimes, it doesn’t want to come into focus – and then we move on to the next round.”

The comments from Sajak seem to indicate that he felt empathy toward Brittany.

Meanwhile, some Wheel of Fortune fans laid into Brittany on social media.

One user wrote on X, “I can’t believe she said R, proving that anything is possible” with another X user writing, “How did she not know it? It was pretty much complete, apart from like 3 letters now she’s made me grind my teeth, and I can’t stop.”

The reaction from Sajak was unusual

Sajak’s reaction was shocking since he is not typically known for being very forgiving when a contestant makes a mistake.

He has snapped at contestants in the past, telling them to “shut up,” and many times over the years he has been brutally honest to a fault.

There have even been several times the host has told contestants they have “no chance” of winning.

Sajak has also had a few meltdowns on the show, including one incident where he snapped at a contestant named Jill.

Jill asked Sajak, “What kind of puzzle is that?” and he responded shortly, “It’s a puzzle you didn’t solve.”

His recent reaction to Brittany’s flub may indicate the game show host, who is set to retire in June this year, is finally becoming more understanding and humble.

Pat Sajak will be replaced by Ryan Seacrest in the fall after 43 years on the show.

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