Parents are shocked to learn about the origins of classroom curriculum that is a threat to our nation

Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

Whoever controls education controls the youth.

That’s one lesson the Chinese Communist Party knows all too well.

And Parents are shocked to learn about the origins of classroom curriculum that is a threat to our nation.

Fight over Education

From local politics to Capitol Hill, education is always a hot button issue.

That’s because everyone knows just how important education is to the future of the nation and its people.

In general, Republicans want to keep education in the hands of parents and guardians, allowing them to ultimately decide how their children should be brought up.

Democrats, on the other hand, believe they and the rest of the ruling class elites in the education bureaucracy know far better than parents what is best for their children.

And this has caused a raging debate over the past few years, as parents are finally waking up to the insanity that’s being taught in their child’s classroom thanks to Democrat policies.

From Critical Race Theory to anti-science gender insanity, woke extremism is being promoted on a grand scale in a classroom near you – even if you think it’s not.

Many concerned parents have looked to uncover who is actually producing the woke extremist curriculum being forced on government schools across the country.

As it turns out, one of the biggest providers of woke extremist curriculum is the Chinese Communist Party.

Funny how that works.

The communist takeover of your child’s classroom

According to the parents rights group, Parents Defending Education, state-controlled institutions in Communist China are helping to create the curriculum that is being used in government school classrooms across America.

“The alarming evidence uncovered by our investigation should concern parents, educators, and policymakers alike,” Parents Defending Education president Nicole Neily told Fox News. “Families deserve to know who is influencing the American education system so that they can make informed choices about what their children are learning behind closed doors.”

“The Trump administration took steps to rein in Confucius Institutes at colleges and universities,” she added. “It is frightening, however, that no such transparency mandate exists at the K-12 level. Accordingly, it is imperative that elected officials at both the federal and state levels take immediate action to gauge the extent of these programs in order to ensure that American schoolchildren receive a high-quality education free from undue foreign interference.”

In Parents Defending Education’s report, the group listed examples of Communist Chinese interference into American classrooms, including the Simpson County Board of Education in Kentucky entering into an agreement with the North China Electric Power University to develop the Confucius Institute of Western Kentucky.

Who would ever think that one of the United States’ biggest enemies, the Chinese Communist Party, would be actively trying to influence the education of America’s children?

If they’re able to combine their control and influence over both TikTok and the classroom, American children will be at the mercy to learn whatever Communist China desires.

Should people who traffic children receive the death penalty?