Parents are pulling out their hair over this deadly TikTok trend that’s spreading like wildfire

Photo by Nordskov Media, Public Domain via Flickr

From the moment that the internet became publicly available, dangerous internet trends have popped up. 

Whether it is eating Tide Pods or climbing up skyscrapers people will do just about anything for attention online.

But now parents are pulling out their hair over this deadly TikTok trend that’s spreading like wildfire.

Medical professionals and health experts are sounding the alarm

Dangerous online trends are nothing new, but the more time people spend on their phones, the more nonsensical health misinformation they are likely to consume. 

One recent trend that has health experts and medical professionals pulling their hair out is the recent “fad” of drinking Borax, a toxic substance used in the production of many laundry detergents, cleaners, home insulation, and fire retardant materials, and is banned for use in food products by the FDA. 

Some so-called “influencers” on TikTok and other social media platforms have made false claims that drinking small amounts of borax, or in some cases bathing in borax, can help to “detoxify” the body. 

In response to these claims, the medical community is doing everything in its power to debunk this dangerous myth, given that borax is a toxic substance for humans. 

One medical expert who is at the forefront of the fight to debunk the borax trend is Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor, who serves as a toxicology physician and co-medical director at the National Capital Poison Center. 

“There’s really nothing to support the use of borax in humans for inflammation or reduction of oxidative stress or anything like that,” Johnson-Arbor told NBC News.

She went on to list all of the health complications that drinking borax can cause, including blue/green colored vomiting and diarrhea, bright pink flaking skin, and long-term internal damage.

Drinking large amounts of borax could lead to serious medical complications, and even death.  

Social media platforms are attempting to rid their platforms of such dangerous misinformation, often removing the videos before they are widely consumed and distributed.  

In response to the disturbing borax trend, TikTok released a statement in which it defended its content moderation policies.

“If fact-checkers determine content to be false and we deem it to be in violation of our policies, we may remove the video from our platform or make the video ineligible for recommendation into For You feeds,” the statement read.

It is up to parents

Although social media platforms are doing what they can to remove harmful videos, such as the ones promoting the use of borax, it ultimately falls on parents and guardians to monitor what they’re children are consuming online.

After all, parental controls exist on every TV, computer, and even social media platform for a reason.

TikTok is very popular amongst children and teenagers, making them particularly vulnerable to these toxic and possibly lethal trends. 

The first line of defense against these trends proliferating around teen circles are parents and guardians, who are obligated to keep a close watch on what their children consume online. 

No amount of government action will ever eliminate this crucial need for parental involvement.

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