Parents are irate after one of the nation’s largest school districts made one jaw-dropping decision to appease this woke fantasy

Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

Democrats always claim that they know better than working class parents when it comes to their children’s education and upbringing.

But in reality Democrats simply want total control over government schools without any parent involvement whatsoever so they can force indoctrinate children with woke nonsense.

And now parents are irate after one of the nation’s largest school districts made one jaw-dropping decision to appease this woke fantasy.

Democrat’s Big Lie

One of the biggest lies of politics is the idea that Democrats are in any way interested in what’s best for American children.

They claim education is one of their top priorities, along with children’s safety.

But when you actually look at their policies nothing could be further from the truth.

Democrats only care about indoctrinating children with radical left-wing propaganda.

And when children get in the way of their radical brainwashing, children are tossed aside.

Just look at what teachers’ unions did during COVID, keeping government schools closed to in-person learning in many places for a year or longer, even as parents pleaded to reopen them to avoid having their children fall behind and have their development stunted even further.

Anyone could see that virtual learning was not up to the standards needed for American children’s education.

But that didn’t matter to the teachers’ unions, as they hid behind now-debunked COVID narratives designed as “science” to put their selfish desires to continue to be paid not to actually do their jobs above the well-being of children.

To this day, American children are still recovering from the damage caused by COVID restrictions and lockdowns pushed by teachers’ unions, like underdeveloped communication skills from spending formative years surrounded by masked adults and other children, and increases in mental health and addiction issues.

And all along the way, Democrats did whatever they could to support teachers’ unions as they refused to do what was best for children.

And here is just another example of Democrats putting their policies before your children.

Trannies over special education?

Loudoun County, Virginia has been in the news a lot for their government school system in recent years, as the suburban area just outside of Washington, D.C. has been ground zero in the fight for parental rights in education.

Back in 2021, the Loudon school system made headlines after the school board and school employees attempted to cover up the fact that a male student identifying as transgender raped a female student in a school bathroom after the school system decided to allow students to use whichever bathroom they preferred.

Even worse, the transgender rapist faced no real consequences for his actions thanks to the cover up effort.

But Loudoun County’s Democrat-controlled school board again showed they couldn’t care less about children.

Now, the Loudoun county school board has decided to slash funding for special education to fund more unisex bathrooms for transgender students.

Parents, and even some educators – albeit, fewer every day, it seems – are distraught about the school board’s raid of the special education to fund their woke extremism.

One teacher even stood up in a recent school board meeting to call out leadership for slashing funds for special education.

“Please do not exclude special education students in your plan for excellence,” the teacher pleaded.

But in response, Democrat school board member Harris Mahedavi simply brushed off the concerns over the funding of transgender bathrooms at the expense of students with disabilities as “ridiculous.”

He also claimed to be “sad” that the Democrat-controlled school board has been “beaten up” for slashing funding for disabled students.

But in reality, he really could care less about the children of Loudoun County, especially those with special needs.

Of course, Loudoun County isn’t alone in facing a school board and government school system that is completely disconnected from reality – this insanity is happening all over the nation.

Democrats at nearly every level of government are happily forcing their radical indoctrination on government schools at the expense of every American child.

Should government schools prioritize transgender bathrooms over special education?