Parents are giddy after this Christian company took a major step towards protecting children from dangerous online content

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Social media offers a seemingly endless stream of entertaining content at the swipe of a finger.

But with that comes the risk of having frightening and sickening content being shoved into our feed. 

And now parents are giddy after this Christian company took a major step towards protecting children from dangerous online content.

Over 40% have “negative outcomes” associated with digital activity

The internet is becoming increasingly immoral, and more children are being exposed to problematic content online. 

Online business meeting site, Zipdo recently published a report on their website that details the impact of “harmful content,” and suggested parents be more “aware of risks associated with online activities.”

According to their report, more than one-in-four children between the ages of 7 and 17, “have encountered harmful content online.” 

At least, 40% of people “have experienced at least one negative outcome due to their online presence.” 

And the age that children are first logging on to the internet is getting lower and lower.

Parents of children between the ages of three and four are allowing their young ones to get online, and the time they are spending is getting excessive. 

The average three and four-year-old spends eight hours per week consuming online content. 

Now, one Christian group is trying to find a way to reach these children and provide them with age-appropriate content.

“Esther” will provide “confidence” to parents

The Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is addressing the issue head-on by creating more well-intended content to try to provide a safer alternative to “harmful online material,” according to the Christian Post. 

CEF recently announced that they are working on a new animated series inspired by the book of Esther from the Bible.

Esther made its debut earlier this month, broadcasting on CEF’s U-Nite TV platform. 

The series is broken up into five parts, and will focus on “themes such as faith, courage, prayer, grace and providence” according to CP. 

CEF’s Director of Digital Ministries Andrew York sais that their new program is an important alternative in today’s digital landscape. 

“More than ever, children are exposed to immoral content on social media, in advertising, and on many internet platforms,” he said.

York says that “’Esther’ gives parents the confidence to know their children are watching wholesome, entertaining programming with a biblical message.”

Research group says “media-engaged children” engage with Bible online

CEF isn’t the only group that acknowledges the potential benefits of offering alternative content. 

Barna Research says that there’s a new demographic being created that they call “media-stressed parents.” 

These parents account for nearly a third of “engaged Christian parents” and they say their kids are consuming more than 16 hours of entertainment every week. 

Barna says that though these numbers are astronomical—some of that time may be well spent. 

According to their research, “media-engaged children” are more likely to read and engage with Biblical content “through some kind of digital technology.” 

CEF isn’t the first group to announce a new biblical digital series in recent months. 

Angel Studios released a series focused on the adolescent life of David in 2023. 

The series Young David is available on multiple streaming platforms and hopes to reach more children with a faith-based message.

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