Parents are furious after these RINOs just cast this shocking vote against parental rights

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These days it’s usually fairly easy to predict how most Congressional votes will go. 

Party-line votes are the norm but there is a collection of weak-kneed Republican hacks who will gladly betray voters if it means securing their political future.

And parents are furious after these RINOs just cast this shocking vote against parental rights. 

Education policy is at the top of most families concerns

One issue that always mobilizes families and parents is education, for all of the obvious reasons. 

Democrats believe that government schools present an opportunity to brainwash children with their radical “woke” ideology, like Marxism, transgenderism, and revisionist history, which has many parents up in arms. 

Parents from all walks of life want to have more input and oversight on their child’s education.

To address these concerns, Rep. Julia Letlow (R-LA) introduced H.R. 5, the Parents’ Bill of Rights. 

Specifically, the bill requires schools to notify parents and guardians of their rights regarding the education of their children

According to the bill, “These rights include the right to review the curriculum of their child’s school; meet with each teacher of their child at least twice each school year; review the budget, including all revenues and expenditures, of their child’s school; inspect the books and other reading materials in the library of their child’s school; address the school board of the LEA; receive information about violent activity in their child’s school; and know if their child is not grade-level proficient in reading or language arts at the end of 3rd grade.”

Luckily the Parents’ Bill of Rights has already passed the House, but for many, it does not go far enough. 

For this reason, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) introduced an amendment to the bill that would end the bloated and wasteful Department of Education’s authority to control elementary and secondary education. 

Unfortunately, Rep. Massie’s amendment failed after 60 ruling class RINOS voted against it.

Some of the prominent House Republicans who voted no include Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) – who is reportedly near the top of former President Donald Trump’s list of Vice Presidential candidates – Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA), and even H.R. 5’s original sponsor, Rep. Letlow. 

You can see the entire list here: 

These establishment hacks just proved that they support the federal government, not parents, controlling what children are taught in school.

Following the vote, Rep. Massie gracefully tweeted, “Although this measure did not pass, I consider it a success that a majority of the majority (161 Republicans) recognized our children are best served when schools have more local control. Students win when parents can know and influence what’s being taught.” 

Parental involvement in their children’s education is common sense

The issue of whether or not parents have a right to determine what is taught to their children ought to be a no-brainer. 

For too long, extreme left-wing radicals have ravaged the minds of many vulnerable children with the goal of turning them into foot soldiers for the left-wing outrage mob.

Not only is this evil, but it has created a generation of young Americans who are not interested in learning – instead, they are more interested in becoming activists. 

This plays directly into the hands of America’s enemies, and the faster this brainwashing is outlawed, the better. 

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