Parents across America are coming unglued as they learn these earth-shattering secrets behind woke extremist librarians’ banned books list

Photo by Dids from Pexels

A storm is brewing in the hallowed halls of libraries across America.

It’s not just the librarians shushing noisy patrons.

And now parents across America are coming unglued as they learn these earth-shattering secrets behind woke extremist librarians’ banned books list.

There’s a secret campaign afoot, one that threatens an individual’s freedom to read, and silently manipulates the minds of children. 

Enter the ominous world of the American Library Association (ALA) and their notorious “Banned Books Week.”

At first glance, “Banned Books Week” may seem like a celebration of intellectual freedom, a noble cause championed by the ALA. 

However, beneath the surface lies a nefarious plot that could shake the very foundations of democracy. 

The ALA, who have proclaimed themselves guardians of knowledge, have taken it upon themselves to decide what American children can and cannot read, all while masquerading under the guise of promoting “diversity” and “intellectual freedom.”

But don’t be fooled by their claims of promoting diverse materials. 

Under the ALA’s watchful eye, sexually explicit books for minors are reframed as “diverse materials,” conveniently sidestepping any concerns parents may have with their toddlers being exposed to graphic sexual content as early as kindergarten.

The ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom has blurred the lines between age-appropriate content and explicit material, all in the name of woke extremism.

And what about the power wielded by these librarians? 

They are the gatekeepers, the elites who dictate what goes on their shelves and what doesn’t. 

Parents, with concerns about inappropriate content, find themselves silenced, their voices drowned out by the woke extremist librarians’ supposed expertise. 

After all, who needs parents when librarians can significantly influence or control the selection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information in libraries?

But it doesn’t stop there. 

The ALA, under the facade of promoting “diverse messaging,” subtly introduces their political agendas into children’s materials. 

Queer messaging, carefully woven into the fabric of what your children read, serves as a testament to their commitment to progressivism. 

And who pays the price? American kids. 

Their innocence sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

Let’s not forget the eerie specter of “Banned Books Week,” a media blitz orchestrated to gaslight communities into believing that censorship is rampant. 

Libraries apply for grants, participate in a carefully choreographed spectacle of oppression, and the unsuspecting public foots the bill. 

It’s a clever ruse, all designed to attract donations and sell swag under the guise of championing freedom.

And the cherry on top? 

The ALA’s fundraising campaign, led by a self-described “Marxist lesbian,” aims to turn libraries into “sites of socialist organizing.” 

Libraries, once revered as sanctuaries of knowledge, are slowly becoming battlegrounds for political ideologies, a far cry from the neutral spaces they were meant to be.

So, be vigilant – question the curated lists presented to you. 

Do not let the ALA silence your concerns about age-appropriate content. 

Stand up for your right to parent your children without interference from self-appointed arbiters of morality. 

Democracy hangs in the balance, and it’s time to unmask the sinister underbelly of Banned Books Week. 

Your freedom to read, and your children’s innocence, depend on it.

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