Parental advocacy groups are celebrating a major win following this major shake up at the Department of Education

The war on parental rights has been ramping up by governments over the past few years.

Parents have been revolting against these incursions at local school board meetings as well as in the courtroom. 

Now these parental advocacy groups are celebrating a major win following this major shake up at the Department of Education.

Department of Education created one-sided political council to work with parents

In June, the Department of Education made an unprecedented move creating the National Parents and Families Engagement Council (NPFEC). 

This was a political move to quell relational issues between parents and schools at a time when tensions were high over radical leftist practices in government education.

The only problem is that parents and advocacy groups viewed it as one-sided and motivated by politics.

According to court filings, advocacy groups “subsequently sued, alleging that the Department [of Education] violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act when it established the council.”

The Department says Council will be “immediately and permanently” disbanded

Now the parents seem to have won a major battle after a stipulation of dismissal was issued by the court on December 5. 

The document reads that “the Department has informed Plaintiffs that it is immediately and permanently disbanding the Council and that the Council will not hold any future meetings.”

The lawsuit was originally brought by America First Legal Foundation (AFL), Fight for Schools and Families (FSF), and Parents Defending Education (PDE).

Gene Hamilton, Vice President and General Counsel for the AFL, said that he viewed this as a “significant victory for the American people.” 

He described the “faux” NPFEC as an “attempt to use it to paper over their open hostility towards parents.”

AFL promises to go after Merrick Garland for his memo targeting parents at school board meetings

Hamilton then took aim at his next target – Merrick Garland and his anti-parent memo instructing federal law enforcement to come down on parents protesting radical agendas.

He says that the AFL will “continue to seek justice and accountability for the issuance of the Attorney General’s absurd October 2021 memorandum . . .”

The only accountability here is going to be the impeachment of Merrick Garland.

The Executive Director of FSF, Ian Prior said they are fighting against the “Education Industrial Complex” and that the “administration is trying to rig the system once more by stacking the deck with the very special interest groups that awakened parents across America . . .”

Advocacy groups say that they “have only just begun to fight” for America’s children

He celebrates the win and says that it “should serve as a message to the Biden Administration – we have only just begun to fight for our children’s future.”

Nicole Neily, President of Parents Defending Education, showed optimism in her response to the news. 

She said that the Department of Education shutting down the council “speaks volumes.”

“Students do best when their families are involved in their education,” she said this should be the goal at every level of government. Schools need to “bring us into the process, not to shut us out when our perspectives and values differ.”

This is a big win in a long process to guarantee parents’ rights to make choices for their own children.

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