Outrage ensues after Joe Biden shouts down the wrong person over gun control

Joe Biden has made it very clear he is no friend of the Second Amendment.

Every time there has been a mass shooting, Biden immediately goes after guns without offering a word of comfort.

But Joe Biden just crossed the line after shouting down the wrong person over gun control.

Joe Biden is breaking his oath to protect and defend the Constitution

Joe Biden seems to despise the concept of gun ownership.

It is hard to nail down what it is about the fundamental right to self-defense that bothers Joe Biden so much.

Perhaps it is because it is an ultimate check on the federal government, or perhaps most gun owners do not vote for his political party.

But either way, Biden is no friend of America or the American Constitution.

The Left’s shameful reaction to gun violence

Following a tragic mass shooting, Joe Biden and the far-left are very quick to politicize it.

In fact, they often jump right to their plans to ban guns before offering any words of comfort to the families and a grieving nation. 

This was evidenced by Joe Biden’s speech the other day about gun control.

Joe Biden hosted a White House event where he detailed his desires to have assault weapons banned.

During this speech, Manual Oliver (the father of a victim of the Parkland mass shooting) stood up and spoke out about Biden’s radical stance on guns.

It is unclear what he said exactly, but Biden responded by shouting “Sit down you’ll hear what I have to say,” and then kicked him out of the event. 

This is very typical of Joe Biden, he only wants parents of mass shooting victims there to serve as props, not to engage in any meaningful dialogue.

For this reason, among others, Joe Biden is sporting some of the worst approval ratings of any President in American history.

As it stands, Joe Biden had an average approval rating of about 37% per RealClearPolitics, which is pathetic, to say the least.

The American public is fed up with Joe Biden and his backwards vision for America. 

At this point, people are wising up to the fact that Biden’s policies are to blame for the sad state of affairs we’re in.

Not only is the economy on the brink of collapse, but violence and crime are reaching a fever pitch. 

It is no longer safe to walk down the street in most cities in America.

However, this November, Americans have an opportunity to stand up to Joe Biden and his awful policies. 

Most experts are predicting a complete and total shellacking for the Democrats. 

Although there is little the GOP can do with control of just the House, retaking it from Nancy Pelosi would be a major step in the right direction. 

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