One Republican group just snapped their fingers and lowered gas prices more than Joe Biden ever could

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Joe Biden is doing everything he can to make life miserable for working class Americans.

Of course one of the issues he’s caused that’s plaguing Americans the most is the rampant increase in the cost of living.

Now a conservative group is giving the country a reminder of how low gas prices were before Biden.

Gas prices have risen by nearly 50% under Joe Biden

Fewer than 1-in-4 Americans are satisfied with the direction the country is heading.

And American voters are ready for dramatic change ahead of the 2024 election. 

One of their top concerns is inflation. 

The price of everything is up, and Data for Progress says 33% of Americans want to see legislation addressing the issue.

One of the leading indicators of inflation is the price of gas. 

Under President Joe Biden, the price of gasoline has hit new record highs in the United States after four years of relatively low prices under former President Donald Trump. 

According to Statista, at the end of the Trump administration, the price of a gallon of gasoline was sitting at just $2.14.

In 2023, that number rose by nearly 50% to an eye-watering $3.52 per gallon. 

And one conservative group is introducing a campaign to remind Americans of the prices in 2020.

AFP is “acting and helping” American families ahead of Memorial Day weekend

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has been “battling Bidenomics’ with information. 

Now, they are taking their information and putting it into action with their “National Gas Rollback Tour.” 

The group hopes to not only remind Americans of the gas prices under Trump, but also “bring some relief” to Americans.

“Unlike the Biden White House, we are not ignoring the financial struggles of millions of Americans. We are acting and helping them today,” AFP says on their Bidenomics website. 

The group is partnering with gas stations in multiple states to temporarily allow them to purchase gas at $2.38.

AFP will bring the rollback event to 25 gas stations across the country, and each station will be ready to serve between 150 and 200 cars at the low price. 

The event is focused on Memorial Day weekend with the last event being held in Clackamas, Oregon, on May 29. 

The “disastrous results” of Biden’s Presidency

“Biden’s war on American energy has had disastrous results and Americans are reeling from high gas prices going into the summer,” Akash Chougule, AFP’s vice president of government affairs, said.

The group hopes that they can make a difference in this year’s election by targeting battleground states.

Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan are just a handful of the states that will benefit from AFP’s “Gas Rollback Tour.” 

AFP hopes that the “pre-Bidenomics” gas event will encourage swing-state voters to support candidates who champion American energy.

“This week, we are spotlighting what gas prices could be with policies that unleash our country’s energy potential,” they said in a press release. 

“From shutting down the Keystone Pipeline to banning energy leases on federal land, Joe Biden’s top-down policies have stifled our country’s energy resources,” they added. 

The “Gas Rollback Tour” will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.

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