One Republican Governor just gave the thumbs up to make you fund one of the Democrats pet projects

Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

Democrats just keep getting victories and with little effort.

And this time a Democrat victory came from a Republican.

One Republican governor just gave the thumbs up to make you fund one of the Democrats pet projects.

Is this really a two-party system?

Technically, the United States is run by a two-party system.

On the conservative side of the pendulum are supposed to be Republicans, and on the woke extremist side are supposed to be Democrats.

And most of America believes this is just the way politics works in America.

But when you actually look at the victories the nation has seen in politics over the past decade, you start to realize there really isn’t a two-party system.

If anything it’s a uni-party where the ruling class elites from both parties simply squabble over miniscule differences, and force what they decide on the rest of society.

One of the biggest fights in Washington, D.C. in recent memory was over Obamacare.

After Democrats rammed Obamacare down the throats of working class Americans, citizens from all walks of life voted for Republicans to take the House and the Senate in historic waves.

For years, the Republican House and Senate voted to overturn Obamacare as they enjoyed the reality that their votes against Obamacare would just be vetoed by former President Barack Obama.

And once former President Donald Trump was elected, Republicans never effectively voted to overturn Obamacare

And another example of a Republican cave to Democrats is how they couldn’t even stop the Biden regime from hiring 87,000 new IRS agents during the debt ceiling negotiations after they ran on repealing these new hires while on the campaign trail.

With these examples of Republicans giving unnecessary ground, this next story really shouldn’t shock you.

One of the biggest fights society is having right now is the fight over gender identity.

Thousands of years of self-evident truth is under attack by Democrats claiming there are a limitless number of genders.

Some are even going as far as to claim that a child should be subjected to dangerous, irreversible, life-altering surgeries simply because they pretend to be the opposite gender as a toddler.

Republicans support this?

Most Republicans balk at the idea of allowing those under the age of 18 – you know, the same group who is not allowed to drive a car, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, gamble, get a tattoo, or really make any of their own decisions legally because society has known for countless millennia that children’s brains haven’t fully developed to the point where they can reasonably make sound decisions for themselves – sex change surgeries, let alone making other people pay for such a surgery.

Well, that is, most Republicans except Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo.

Governor Lombardo recently signed a bill into law requiring health insurance companies, and ultimately anyone who pays their insurance premiums, to cover “medically necessary treatment of conditions relating to gender dysphoria and gender incongruence” for all ages.

Democrats are celebrating this as a major victory in Nevada, as Republicans are stunned into disbelief.

What Republican in their right mind would sign any bill into law that force insurance companies – and by extension, every citizen who pays for insurance – to fund gender transformation surgeries for children?

Should Republicans support gender reassignment surgeries for children?