One outspoken athlete just sent the woke outrage mob into hysterics by endorsing this Republican Presidential candidate

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The debate over allowing men to play in women’s sports has been a big point of contention and it’s still a major issue.

But some female athletes are fed up and speaking out against the woke insanity.

And now one outspoken athlete just sent the woke outrage mob into hysterics by endorsing this Republican Presidential candidate.

Riley Gaines endorses Ron DeSantis

Riley Gaines is a highly-accomplished female swimmer, who has been extremely outspoken against letting biological men compete in women’s sports simply because they claim to be one.

She’s traveled all over the country and faced vicious assaults, harassment, threats, and bullying while standing up for women who simply want a level playing field.

In fact, the issue is so near and dear to her heart, Gaines views protecting women’s sports as “spiritual warfare.”

Gaines recently spoke with Newsmax’ Eric Bolling, and said that she is officially endorsing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for President.

She started by discussing the Biden regime’s extreme agenda, and its push for new “gender roles,” as she was beaten by a biological male swimmer – who ranked well outside the top-400 male swimmers when competing against other males, even though there are significantly more female collegiate swimmers – in the NCAA championship.

“First of all, as a young woman, I just want to share just how I’ve been affected by this gender ideology propaganda that’s being pushed across this country,” Gaines told Boiling. “I really understand the threat that we as Americans are under just based off my own experience and being forced to compete and change in a locker room with a male.”

She also discussed an incident in which a mob of woke radical left-wing activists assaulted her after she gave a speech at San Francisco State University earlier this year. 

This led to her endorsement of Governor DeSantis, as she praised him for leading the charge against this type of extremism and discrimination.

“That’s why this next election is so important for the sake of restoring and ultimately saving America and the people who live here,” Gaines said. “So that being said, I am so excited to announce that I am officially endorsing Governor Ron DeSantis as President.”

Gaines added that the Governor’s leadership “has been crucial in rooting out the radical ideology that’s really driving this insanity and really bringing visibility to these cultural issues that affect the breakdown of families, the breakdown of faith, and the breakdown of freedom.”

She also said DeSantis has “really taken on this political establishment, the woke corporations, the media, and he’s won, and we know this based off his success in Florida.”

Florida takes a stand

The state of Florida has banned biological men from competing in women’s sports in government schools.

A law was also passed that permanently bans irreversible transgender surgeries and so-called “gender-affirming” care for underage children.

According to Governor DeSantis, Florida is officially banning these types of surgeries and treatments for children as they only serve to continue the “mutilation of minors.”

The new law bans “surgical procedures and experimental puberty blockers for minors,” and requires adults receiving the surgeries “to be informed about the irreversible nature and about the dangers of the procedures.”

Gaines fully agrees with the new measures, and said that people are being asked to “deny objective truth” by forcing them to claim “men and women are the same.”

She told Bolling that she feels like society is in a battle of spiritual warfare, and that it is “like moral versus evil.”

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