One of the most conservative states in the nation just handed pro-lifers a devastating loss

Photo by Victoria Akvarel from Pexels

The pro-life movement’s momentum over the past year has been inspiring.

But a lot of those victories are now overshadowed by this loss.

And now, one of the most conservative states in the nation just handed pro-lifers a devastating loss.

Conservatives’ one winning message

Conservatives have been taking losses on nearly every issue for over a generation.

But if there was one issue that conservatives have made unmatched progress on, it is the pro-life movement.

For decades, abortion has been the law of the land, allowing millions of children to be murdered in the womb with no repercussions.

And more recently, abortions have gone from rare to being glorified by the Democrat Party.

Like a religious cult from a horror film, Democrats love it when a child is murdered.

And the foundational scripture for Democrats’ pro-abrtion religious cult has long been Roe v. Wade, which has single-handedly caused the murder of over sixty three million babies – that’s more than the population of both California and Florida combined.

Thankfully, much of the barbaric practice has been stopped thanks to the overturning of Roe.

But in light of the success of the pro-life movement, Democrats’ fight for abortion has kicked it into high gear.

Democrat-controlled states have been doing everything possible to protect abortion while Republican-led states have taken a stand to protect life.

But even before the overturning of Roe, states like Iowa were passing protections for babies in the womb once their heartbeat is detected at six weeks.

This law was blocked in 2019, but Iowa courts were asked to reconsider the new law after the overturning of Roe.

Iowa turns on babies

But the remnants of Iowa’s old Democrat majority in Iowa struck a fatal blow to pro-life protections in Iowa.

On Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that Iowa’s heartbeat bill is still against the law.

In a 3-3 split opinion that would make the most hardened communist blush, the three Democrats on the Supreme Court ruled that “it would be ironic and troubling for our court to become the first state supreme court in the nation to hold that trash set out in a garbage can for collection is entitled to more constitutional protection than a woman’s interest in autonomy and dominion over her own body.”

As you can imagine Democrats are rejoicing at the opportunity to kill more babies on demand in the womb in Iowa.

Hopefully Iowa can turn this around and vote out these three Democrat justices when the time comes.

For the pro-life movement to succeed, it needs to turn its time and energy to the state level, and win elections that can result in making the right to life the law of the land.

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