One of Republicans’ top rising stars gave Greg Abbott two tips on dealing with the Biden border crisis that’ll make you stand and cheer

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Like every other southern border state Texas is under siege as millions of illegal aliens flood across the U.S.-Mexico border every year.

Greg Abbott continuously promises to do whatever it takes to fix the issue but with the facts showing no real change it seems his efforts have just been geared towards making headlines.

Now one of Republicans’ top rising stars gave Greg Abbott two tips on dealing with the Biden border crisis that’ll make you stand and cheer.

Border crossings hit an all-time high under the Biden regime

Illegal aliens are crossing the southern border at an unprecedented rate thanks to President Joe Biden’s efforts to unilaterally repeal every effective border security measure enacted before him and fully open the border to an endless flood of new, unvetted arrivals.

According to data compiled by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, America has experienced massive increases in illegal aliens entering the country in each year since President Biden took office.

Fiscal year 2022 saw nearly 2.4 million border crossings recorded — that’s more than the entire population of 13 different states, and Washington, D.C.

Thus far, 2023 is on pace to match the 2022 after Biden allowed Title 42 to expire at the end of May. 

Texas has been using national guardsmen to install new fencing to help control the issue. 

Governor Greg Abbott’s biggest response has been to bus illegal aliens to Democrat-controlled so-called “sanctuary cities,” whose Democrat politicians virtue signaled for years about how welcoming they are to illegal aliens, only to turn around and throw a fit the moment a few actually showed up on their doorstep.

North Carolina Republican Lt. Governor Mark Robinson has a suggestion for Abbott.

Politicians and unelected bureaucrats are “laying down like a lapdog”

Robinson was addressing Christian conservatives at the Pray, Vote, Stand Summit in Washington D.C. last week when he took aim at the Biden regime and Texas’ Republican Governor. 

“We have a federal government that is laying down like a lapdog, allowing our southern border to remain open,” Robinson told the crowd.

He added that politicians and unelected bureaucrats “refuse to use what God has given” the country, and that “strong men and women” are standing by with the “courage” to defend the state and the nation. 

Robinson said that Governor Abbott should be using every possible avenue, including calling on other states to send support in the form of additional national guard forces, and other resources.

American needs to bring back the “spirit of the Alamo”

“If I was the Governor of Texas, I would get on the phone and I would make two phone calls,” Robinson said. “The first phone call I’d make would be to my national guard and my state troopers. I’d say guys I need you to come down here, we’re going down to the border…”

Robinson said that Texas should be relying on support from other southern states “just like in the days of the Alamo.” 

“The spirit of the Alamo needs to come back to Texas, the spirit of the Alamo needs to come back to America,” Robinson added.

Then he explained how he would deal with Biden if he tried to intervene.

Biden would only have two choices

Lt. Governor Robinson said his second call would be to President Biden, and he would make it clear that the border would be defended.

“I’d say ‘Joe this is the Governor of Texas, we’re down here defending the border – you have two choices…” he said. “You can come down here and come and help us, or you can come down here and go to shooting at us. What’s your pleasure, sir?’”

The Lt. Governor said that if President Biden can’t do his job, “somebody has got to get the job done,” and he would be glad to do it. 

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, and it calls for strong men and women to stand up and do what’s necessary to protect this nation just like those who came before us,” Robinson concluded.

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