One new study is blowing the whistle on the battleground state that could deliver the death knell to Joe Biden’s campaign

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The Democrat Party truly believes Joe Biden will cruise to a re-election victory in November.

But virtually all of the data seems to point in a different direction.

And now one new study is blowing the whistle on the battleground state that could deliver the death knell to Joe Biden’s campaign.

National polls and political pundits claim that RFK is a threat to Trump

Over the past few months, Democrats and their media allies have been pushing the idea that Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will not take votes from President Joe Biden, even though the former Democrat continues to agree with the Democrat President on the majority of issues.

Most media talking heads view his anti-establishment positions and COVID criticisms as more alluring to Trump voters. 

In April, NBC released polling data that showed in a two-way race between Biden and Donald Trump, the former President would be the clear choice.

But when they introduced RFK, Jill Stein, and Cornel West into the mix, the polls shifted in Biden’s favor.

“When the ballot is expanded to five named candidates, Biden is the one with a 2-point advantage,” NBC claimed. 

Trump has rejected the legitimacy of RFK’s candidacy calling it a mere “protest vote.” 

But it has been clear in his escalating rhetoric that he’s prepared to take him seriously.

Trump and RFK feud over COVID response and vaccine rollout

RFK’s strategy for taking down Trump has been focused directly on the COVID vaccine rollout and criticisms of its effectiveness. 

Trump has repeatedly touted the work he did on “Operation Warp Speed” as “one of the greatest miracles” brought by his Presidency.

RFK uses this to gain support from vaccine skeptics on both sides. 

And he largely blames Trump for the unconstitutional, authoritarian lockdowns and restrictions that the former President originally supported and implemented in his final year in office, as well as the vaccine mandates that were ultimately put in place.

Trump’s campaign team, though, has taken issue with RFK’s efforts, suggesting that what matters is that the former President now opposes such measures.

“He has advocated for ending all unconstitutional COVID mandates and draconian lockdowns and he fought vigorously against them,” Trump campaign advisor, Brian Hughes has said.

“After the initial ‘Slow the Spread’ period, President Trump was the most significant force for opening the country up, in spite of enormous media and Democrat resistance,” he added.

Nevertheless, even with RFK taking aim at Trump’s role in the disaster that was the ruling class elites’ COVID hysteria, new information suggests that it’s Biden who really needs to be concerned by a third-party candidate.

Biden gets bad news from one crucial swing state

While previous national polling has suggested RFK could shift the election in favor of Biden, national polling isn’t the best gauge. 

Our elections are built around the electoral college, meaning that candidates need to win more states, not necessarily more votes.

And one battleground state just sent a deafening message to Joe Biden. 

According to a study produced by The Hill and Decision Desk HQ, which aggregated data from 26 polls conducted in the battleground state of North Carolina, even when the 2024 Presidential race is polled as a three-way race between Biden, Trump, and RFK, Trump holds a 5.5% lead over Biden.

The surveys were conducted between October 7 and May 18, and all favored Trump to varying degrees.

North Carolina is one of the top-seven battleground states – in addition to Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia – many believe will ultimately decide the race.

Needless to say, if such results hold true, it could be the death knell for Joe Biden’s re-election bid.

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