One musician stopped an entire music festival dead in its tracks after she launched into this unhinged rant against Ron DeSantis

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Last week Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy for President as expected.

This announcement predictably sent Democrats into a complete frenzy.

But one musician stopped an entire music festival dead in its tracks after she launched into this unhinged rant against Ron DeSantis.

The radical Left is more intolerant and hateful than ever

Although leftists love to be seen in their Priuses, often dawning Coexist stickers, the truth is, Democrats hate anyone who doesn’t share the exact same worldview as them.

Left-wing violence and extremism is on the rise across America, and their targets are anyone who does not share their demented worldview.

Just this past weekend, Hayley Williams, the lead singer of the hit rock band Paramore, went on an unhinged rant about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

While performing at the Adjacent Music Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey last Saturday, Williams yelled to the crowd, “I’ll be happy to tell you I’m very f—ing comfortable talking politics.”

“And if you vote for Ron DeSantis, you’re f—ing dead to me,” she added. “So, is that comfortable enough for anyone?”

Williams is responding to criticism that she is not comfortable addressing politics online or in-person.

However, she previously declared her support for child sex change operations on Instagram.

“Drag is not a crime,” Williams claimed in the post. “Gender-affirming health care for all, including our youth, is a necessity.”

“Once again our state has passed two regressive and unfathomably harmful bills,” she continued. “We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ family and local LGBTQIA+ orgs in this fight, not only for inclusion for our friends & family in the queer community, but for radical acceptance and empowerment for each of them.”

Naturally, these extreme and disturbing posts were not enough for the left-wing radicals who bullied her into taking things a step further.

And without fail, Williams gave into the peer pressure and unleashed on DeSantis supporters on Memorial Day weekend.

Williams did not make any announcements about the military or remembering the fallen, but instead, chose to launch into a hateful and divisive rant.

Attacks on conservatives are on the rise all across the nation, largely centered around the debate over child sex change operations, which many on the Left fervently support.

The Democrat Party is completely unrecognizable these days

Over the last several years, Democrats have gone off the deep end, especially when it comes to social issues, like transgenderism.

For Democrats, it’s not enough to support adults who make this complicated and dangerous decision – instead, they want to convince children that these permanent surgeries are the solution to their issues.

And anytime these extreme opinions are challenged, they are often met with screaming and violence.

Women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines learned this firsthand after she was viciously assaulted at a speaking engagement in which she questioned the validity of allowing men in women’s sports.

Democrats are unhinged, violent, and will not rest until their upside down worldview is the law of the land.

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