One CNN reporter nearly burst into tears live on-air after she was scolded for lying by this Desantis surrogate

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CNN is not used to this level of truthful pushback. 

So it’s no surprise the network nearly cut to a commercial when this happened to them. 

And one CNN reporter nearly burst into tears live on-air after she was scolded for lying by this Desantis surrogate.

Lyin’ Media

Back a couple decades ago, most Americans considered the media one of the most trustworthy institutions in our society. 

Fast forward to the past couple years, and their lies and dishonesty have been on full display for America to see. 

As they lob easy and sometimes leading questions to Democrats to put them in good light, Republicans are always portrayed as nothing short of evil on stations like CNN. 

They do everything they can to diminish a Republican’s chances to win by trying to destroy them on their newscasts as they flat out lie about them.

The truth doesn’t matter to the media as their ultimate goal is to make sure Democrats are seen in a good light, and to destroy Republicans. 

And seems like lately, their newest target has unsurprisingly been Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Considering the fact that former President Donald Trump has a big lead in the GOP Presidential Primary, you would assume Democrats wouldn’t worry too much about him. 

But MSNBC, CNN, and all other media outlets have been targeting Governor DeSantis on a daily basis. 

And the latest target on the number two Republican in the polls left them in tears as they were called out for their lies by a DeSantis surrogate.

CNN learned its lesson the hard way

The founder of the pro-DeSantis Never Back Down political action committee, Ken Cuccinelli, went toe-to-toe earlier this week with CNN’s Kasie Hunt as she was trying to peddle the lie that DeSantis was insulting Trump supporters. 

“There was a pretty interesting moment in a recent interview where Governor DeSantis talked about Trump supporters, he used the words ‘listless vessels,’ I want to play—,” Hunt claimed.

That’s when Cuccinelli jumped in and stated the fact that the Governor was “not talking about Trump supporters.”

But even with his objections, Hunt aired the altered clip of DeSantis anyway.

“Everybody just saw there that there was a cut,” Cuccinelli responded. “You cut from the beginning of that quote to the ‘listless vessels.’ You just did what the problem is. So everybody who just watched that understand go read the transcript.”

Hunt responded, “Okay, fine,” a flustered Hunt responded. “You summarize for us what was it that he was trying to say?”

Cuccinelli then ripped the CNN reporter and argued that DeSantis was just referring to some of the Republican leaders who have endorsed Trump.

Hopefully, CNN learned its lesson, but odds are they are going to continue to lie and attack Republicans without any care for the truth. 

Should more Republicans stand up to CNN?