Notorious RINO Adam Kinzinger just humiliated himself again with this absurd remark

Republicans have at long last taken back control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and many GOP lawmakers have already hit the ground running. 

And for many principled conservatives in the House, that means launching investigations into the many scandals surrounding Joe Biden’s out of control FBI.  

However, notorious RINO Adam Kinzinger just humiliated himself again with this absurd remark. 

Nothing makes RINOs angrier than conservatives confronting the Left

The truth is, in current U.S. politics there is almost nothing worse than a RINO (Republican in Name Only.) 

With Democrats, you at least know what to expect, but with RINOs you never know when they will side with Democrats or keep their promises and vote for Republican issues. 

But you always know that RINOs have no principles other than to be in power. 

One of the most nauseating RINO’s out there is former Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who used to represent Illinois’ 16th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. 

Fortunately, Adam Kinzinger did not run again in 2022 after it looked like conservatives in his district, outraged by his anti-Trump votes, were set to defeat him in a primary.

These days, Adam Kinzinger works as a senior political commentator for CNN, a move which tells you everything about where his true loyalties lie. 

Recently on CNN Tonight, Adam Kinzinger went off on House Republicans for their announced investigations into the FBI and DoJ. 

Anchor Laura Coates asked him, “Republicans did create a new select committee today to investigate what they are calling the weaponization of the DOJ and the FBI. And I’m wondering what this is going to mean for the administration and also for the public’s perception of the credibility of the DOJ more broadly?”

To which Kinzinger answered, “If you believe that there is corruption, for instance, in the DOJ or and government agencies, that is what the Oversight Committee is for. This seems like an extra layer. What I am worried about is this actually seems like something akin to McCarthyism in the 50s, not Kevin McCarthy but in terms of who are we going to target. Who are we going to put out in front of us and embarrassing people for doing their job?” 

Comparing House Republicans to McCarthyism is yet another example of Adam Kinzinger turning his back on conservatives in order to appease his far-left allies. 

House Republicans must get to the bottom of Joe Biden’s corruption

Although Adam Kinzinger tried to use his comparison of Kevin McCarthy to the late Senator Joseph McCarthy as an insult, Republicans should see it as a compliment. 

Joseph McCarthy was a good, patriotic American, who attempted to rid this country of the evils of Marxism, and contemporary conservatives should do the same. 

As far as the FBI and DOJ is concerned, they have every right to be worried because at long last their corruption and criminal past have been revealed to the general public. 

It is now obvious that the FBI has coordinated with Big Tech companies to censor conservatives on their platform with the intent of influencing elections. 

Bad actors must be held accountable to ensure that flagrant corruption like that does not happen again. 

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