Nordstream pipeline was sabotaged and a new report claims to have found who is responsible

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In the fall of 2022, the Nordstream pipeline was damaged by multiple explosions beneath the Baltic Sea.

The pipeline was a source of energy for the entire European continent and left millions worried about fuel for the coming winter.

Now a new report indicates that the pipeline was sabotaged, and the culprit will surprise the world. 

The sabotage of the Nordstream pipeline was immediately and universally blamed on the Russians.

A charge Putin and Russian officials adamantly denied. 

New report suggests U.S. and Norway blew up Nordstream

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Seymour Hersh has just released a report that implicates western governments in the alleged attack on the Nordstream pipeline last year, including the United States.

Hersh suggests that the plot was a strategic response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to the report, it was the U.S. Navy that planted the explosive devices last summer in partnership with the Norwegian military. 

It’s alleged that diving teams planted C4 explosives on three sections of the pipeline in June and were followed by a sonar buoy planted by Norway.

The buoy sent signals that were picked up by a receiver on the explosives which ultimately caused an estimated $500 million in damage to the pipeline.

The move was reportedly an effort to stop Europe from importing Russian gas and force them to instead rely on western energy. 

The report also suggested this would’ve reduced Russian income from the gas industry and greatly diminished their war effort.

Hersh published his report on Substack and claims to cite a source “with direct knowledge of the operational planning” at the highest level. 

The White House and American intelligence agencies have, of course, rejected the report and said that it was “complete fiction.”

Done under cover of military exercises involving 16 NATO countries

The highly detailed report explains that diving experts employed by the U.S. Navy had trained at a Navy facility in Florida. 

Following their training they conducted the top secret operation during military exercises in the Baltic Sea that involved the U.S. and 15 other NATO countries.

Hersh claims that the U.S. used the training exercise as cover, giving explanation to their presence in the area. 

The divers were able to plant the explosives during the exercise without detection. 

Then in September a Norwegian military aircraft dropped the buoy that would serve as the detonator.

Though the pipeline wasn’t fully operational, it was expected to open shortly after the attack took place. 

The explosions on the pipeline had a devastating effect on future energy prices and political relations between Europe and Russia.

While western governments blamed Russia, claiming that they blew up their own pipeline, Russia has been determined to prove that it was the United States that destroyed the Nordstream pipelines. 

Even critics of Putin had a hard time justifying an attack on his own energy infrastructure.

The pipeline cost approximately $20 billion and took nearly 15 years for Russia to complete the work.

Biden promised to “bring an end” to Nordstream

Despite denials by the White House and the CIA, investigators from around the world have been exploring every possible avenue. 

Some have cited Biden’s bold promise in February 2022 to “bring an end” to the Russian energy project if Putin invaded Ukraine.

The president left no questions about the U.S. strategic capabilities at the time. 

When asked by a reporter how he could ensure the project wouldn’t be completed, Biden simply responded “I promise you we will be able to do it.”

If more evidence is brought to support this theory, it would lead to trouble between NATO allies in Europe. 

Such an attack would mean that NATO countries acted against the best interests of European allies and could have left them vulnerable ahead of the winter months.

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