NFL star Maxx Crosby left this radio host at a loss for words after he spilled the beans on his team’s UFO encounter

Photo by Derpy CG from Pexels

Some strange things have happened in the NFL over the years.

But this may take the cake.

And that’s because NFL star Maxx Crosby left this radio host at a loss for words after he spilled the beans on his team’s UFO encounter.

What happened to your grandpa’s NFL?

One of the best things about the good old days of the National Football League was how consistent the League was over time. 

The names may have changed over the years but the League was practically the same over the decades. 

But like everything else in society, the NFL has taken a turn for the worse with the League’s game play changing by the year.

Needless to say, your grandfather would not be able to recognize the game of football in the NFL today compared to what he grew up watching. 

For one, if you actually hit anyone now in tackle football it is considered a penalty. 

The League is just a few years away from being a powderpuff flag football league.

Also, even though no one hits each other anymore in the NFL it seems like more players are getting hurt on a regular basis and with some bizarre injuries. 

Just think back to the Damar Hamlin catastrophic injury. 

The defensive star went through a routine play and got hit a couple of times.

But then all of a sudden he collapsed on the field with the emergency crews performing rounds of CPR and all in front of millions of fans viewing the madness across the nation.

No one had ever heard of “commotio cordis,” but the League and the media made it seem like it was just a common near-death injury. 

And right when you thought the NFL couldn’t have changed anymore and become weirder than ever before, now you have one of the stars of the League claiming that his whole team witnessed a UFO. 

Raiders survived a UFO sighting

We all know by now that believing in UFOs is now mainstream.

Just a few years ago, claiming that you believe in UFOs, or even sharing a personal experience, would have gotten you shunned as a “conspiracy theorist.”

But now, even the government is claiming that UFOs exist, so why not an NFL star?

Las Vegas Raiders’ defensive end Maxx Crosby made headlines when he went on The Jim Rome Show and was asked if he believed aliens were among us. 

Without missing a bear, Crosby responded, “There definitely is. That’s not even a question.”

He went on to explain how the whole Raiders team experienced a UFO sighting during a flight from Miami. 

“It’s real,” Crosby told radio host Jim Rome. “Like we were literally on a flight back from Miami, and we’ve seen a UFO with our own eyes. And that sounds crazy, but you can ask the pilots, anybody that was there. It was wild. And I seen it, and they had no idea what it was. There was nothing on the radar, nothing. And it was like a big shining light going in and out.”

It goes without saying that your grandfather never could have predicted that an NFL star would openly be claiming that UFOs exist. 

This just goes to show that UFOs are becoming the norm now. 

Do you believe in UFOs less if the government admits that they exist?