New York Democrat Mayor Eric Adams made one move that proved he’s in way over his head with this major crisis

Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

New York City has long been a so-called “sanctuary city” that offers protections and services to illegal aliens.

It’s been in the spotlight recently after a major influx has resulted in the city housing illegal aliens at government schools.

And now New York Democrat Mayor Eric Adams made one move that proved he’s in way over his head with this major crisis.

New York City Democrats are up in arms at the effects of the Biden border crisis

Earlier this month, New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams was forced to respond to protests after an overwhelming number of illegal aliens turned government school gymnasiums into shelters for illegal aliens

Parents were outraged that their kids would have to share space with people who just showed up without any way whatsoever to verify who they actually are.

Parents took to the streets chanting “no shelter on school grounds,” and “gyms are for children.” 

Mayor Adams gave a cold shoulder to citizens, saying that he was committed to providing illegal aliens sanctuary in his city, and that New Yorkers should expect “every service” to be impacted.

Now, illegal aliens are coming to the city by the thousands each week, and the total has reached more than 73,000 since the spring of 2022.

This has led to the city providing housing and welfare support to more than 44,000 illegal aliens at 150 shelters across the city’s five boroughs. 

The city’s DHS shelter system is at record numbers, and Mayor Adams is finally being forced to do something.

New York City’s “right to shelter” law is now at risk

New Yorkers have been guaranteed “right to shelter” since 1981.

Under the law, anyone residing in the city that requests shelter must be given temporary housing.

This unique rule has long been seen as an ideal response to homelessness and illegal immigration by radical leftists across the country.

But record numbers of illegal aliens actually being in the city – and not just Republican-led border states – are threatening the survival of the “right to shelter” rule.

Mayor Adams recently started seeking approval to suspend the rule because they simply cannot sustain the demand being put on the Department of Homeless Services. 

In an application, a lawyer for the city said that they “lack the resources and capacity to provide safe and appropriate shelter.”

The application details an “ongoing flood of asylum-seekers arriving in New York City” that has put the DHS services under “unprecedented” demand.

Despite the millions being poured into NYC by the federal government, it seems Mayor Adams has finally reached his breaking point.

Adams calls on “government partners” to do more to help

Adams said that “no one expected” the thousands of illegal aliens arriving in New York City each week, and that it was posing a risk to the resources of the city.

He said that the city has reached the point where they are unable to provide any more support to the migrant population.

“Given that we’re unable to provide care for an unlimited number of people and are already overextended, it is in the best interest of everyone… to be upfront that [NYC] cannot single-handedly provide care to everyone crossing our border.” Adams said in a statement.

He said that if he wasn’t clear about the situation, it would “result in our system collapsing, and we need our government partners to know the truth and do their share.”

This would imply his interest in suspending “right to shelter” is a publicity stunt to pressure the federal government to give more.

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