New York City’s mayor is pushing the woke envelope with this new radical policy impacting all city workers

The radical left has been relentless in their efforts to push their socialist ideology through government policies.

Across the country their woke indoctrination has infected countless public institutions.

Now the mayor of New York City has announced this radical new policy that pushes the woke envelope and will impact all city workers.

NYC takes on “systemic racism” in woke training push

New York City has announced they’ll be requiring employees to complete Critical Race Theory (CRT) style training starting immediately.

A leaked internal email from the City of New York to all its employees, has revealed the latest attempt at woke indoctrination by leftist institutions and governments. 

Mayor Eric Adams is seeking to spread awareness about “systemic racism” and how to confront personal unconscious biases.

The email even defined the controversial term despite arguments surrounding the premise. 

It explained that “systemic racism” would include any “system that negatively impacts communities of color compared to White communities.”

Employees are expected to complete the training by March 6th of 2023 or otherwise face possible job-related penalties. 

America has “used race to establish and justify systems of power”

The training focuses on three forms of racism: individual, institutional, and systemic. 

They’d like to see all their employees identifying racism anywhere it might be, or might exist, by the end of the initiative.

It paints the American society as one that “has used race to establish and justify systems of power, privilege, exclusion, and oppression.” 

The goal of Adams’ initiative is to ensure that all government workspaces in NYC look at everything through an “equity lens.”

They hope that through these so-called anti-racist courses, that they will make people more comfortable with discussing race-related issues amongst coworkers.

If this all sounds insane—that’s because it is.

Sources claiming to be employees push back in the press

The city is facing backlash from employees that are stepping forward and speaking to the press about what they see as “really unfair” treatment.

One source claiming to be a NYC city employee told Fox News what was happening at his workplace. 

The source said that being forced “to look at people through a particular lens” doesn’t line up with the idea that “we should treat everybody equally.”

The employee went on to say they don’t agree with the policy and feel that it could even impact their future advancement opportunities. They said that the training makes them feel that “the hiring from the city will be looked at it through this lens” and it will impact the future of anyone with the wrong skin color.

Another person familiar with the training materials said that they didn’t believe that race has any “genetic or scientific basis.” 

They called race a theory and a “social construct created to classify people on the arbitrary basis of skin color and other physical features.”

Banned under Trump, CRT has been gaining under Biden

CRT has been sweeping the nation in recent years and it has left many people feeling like their civil rights have been violated. 

The theory proposes deep racist roots in all American institutions and that racism is woven into the fabric of all U.S. History.

Proponents of the theory have seen wide acceptance in socialist Democrat strongholds while being condemned by Republicans. 

The framework was previously banned for all federal employees under Donald Trump, but has resumed under Joe Biden.

Now the battle against CRT is mostly in the hands of individual citizens litigating and Republican Governors across the nation.

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