New York City Mayor’s hypocrisy was laid bare when buses from Texas unloaded in the Big Apple

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent five more buses just this past week.

And New York City’s Mayor is freaking out.

But the Mayor’s hypocrisy was laid bare when buses from Texas unloaded in the Big Apple.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is not a happy man.

The city’s crime rate is through the roof.

The infrastructure is crumbling before his eyes. 

And his leftist policies are further destroying the already disastrous education system.

The Big Apple is rotten to the core

In short, the once proud city has turned into a crime-ridden, rat infested, third world slum.

Tourism is down, taxes are through the roof, the cost of living is astronomical, and no one is safe to walk the streets.

And the corruption at every level of government has reached heights no one imagined could be achieved in this modern era of “transparency.”

And to combat these growing problems, Mayor Eric Adams is of course spending his time blaming Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott has famously decided to begin busing illegal immigrants who are flooding across the Texas border into Democrat cities and states.

Cities like Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Five more buses recently arrived in New York City from Texas in one day, the most buses in one day to reach the Big Apple so far.

And they are only the latest to make the trip – Abbott has sent more than 1,000 migrants to New York since August 5, according to his office.

Abbott began sending migrants out of his state to Democrat-run cities like New York and Washington, D.C., thousands of miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, as a way to bring attention to the migrant crisis affecting his state, thanks to Biden’s failed immigration policies.

And Eric Adams doesn’t think that’s right.

Democrats’ hypocrisy knows no borders

Adams has complained loudly that the 1,000 illegals sent to his city are destroying New York and stated that they simply can’t handle the influx.

Funny words from a man who claims to support the Biden administration’s open border policies for illegals.

And Abbott called out Adams’ “hypocrisy” in a New York Post op-ed, saying the Mayor “likes to pat himself on the back for welcoming migrants with open arms to his sanctuary city. That is, until he actually has to follow through on those lofty promises.”

“Adams talked the talk about being a sanctuary city — welcoming illegal immigrants into the Big Apple with warm hospitality,” Abbott wrote. “Talk is cheap. When pressed into fulfilling such ill-considered policies, he wants to condemn anyone who is pressing him to walk the walk.”

Texas Mayors and lawmakers have joined with Abbott’s disdain for Adams and other Democrats who are complaining about the buses of illegals.

Everything’s better in Texas

In fact, they are laughing off complaints from major cities, pointing to years and years of dealing with the crisis on their own.

“You see New York, you see Washington kind of drowning with a few buses,” McAllen, Texas, Mayor Javier Villalobos told Fox News. “We used to get over a thousand-something people a day.” 

“The city of McAllen was able to deal with thousands of immigrants a day,” Villalobos said. “I think they can handle a few hundred.” 

You would think a city the size of New York would be able to handle 1,000 new immigrants in a month. 

Especially with such a progressive administration in charge.

But it turns out even small Texas towns are able to handle more illegals in a day than New York City can in a month.

Everything is bigger – and better in Texas.

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