New York City drug dealers couldn’t be more thrilled after Democrats forced taxpayers to prop up their businesses

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

You would think voters would wake up and realize that Democrats aren’t joking about their agenda.

But New York City residents are seriously questioning if there’s any hope for their City.

And now New York City drug dealers couldn’t be more thrilled after Democrats forced taxpayers to prop up their businesses.

When will Democrat voters learn?

The America you once knew, loved, and cherished is long gone.

Today, it’s nearly impossible to find any city block, or even small town, with even a semblance of family values.

And the majority of the blame for the degradation of America has to fall on Democrats and those who put them in office – donors, the media, and voters included.

Democrats will tell all sorts of fabricated stories to advance their agenda, but to their credit, one thing they never lie about is what their agenda actually entails.

Democrat politicians will proudly tell anyone they want to render law-abiding Americans defenseless, use the government education system to indoctrinate future generations, and that they want to limit working class Americans’ rights and freedoms to those that aren’t inconvenient for the ruling class elites.

But for some reason, a plurality of Americans vote for Democrats and their insane policies, even though Democrats are fully admitting exactly what they’ll do to their community and the country.

And now, communities that have voted for Democrats election after election are finally paying the price.

And it’s really sad to watch these communities just fall apart after they’ve been subjugated by Democrats.

Democrat-controlled cities, like San Francisco, can’t have a retail store anywhere within city limits as stores are closing down from the shoplifting spree that followed Democrats implementation of soft-on crime, pro-criminal policies at law-abiding citizens’ expense.

New York City also used to be one of the most desired destinations in the United States – there was always something going on in New York City, and when you visited the city you generally felt safe.

But the days of New York City being a somewhat decent city to visit and live in are long gone as it has become nothing but a cesspool of crime.

And one of the biggest issues the Big Apple has to deal with is drug use.

With drugs are destroying communities and families throughout New York, one would think it would be safe to assume that the Democrats who run the city would seek to solve the issue head on, but it’s not.

Instead, they are now enriching drug dealers with taxpayer dollars.

Free crack pipes for all!

New York City has now installed a vending machine that will dispense free crack pipes, narcan – a medication that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose – and condoms to whomever is in need.

Literally anyone on the street can now get a free crack pipe courtesy of New York City taxpayers.

The vending machine is located in Brooklyn at 1676 Broadway, and was reportedly emptied in less than 24 hours.

“Public health vending machines are an innovative way to meet people where they are and to put life-saving tools like naloxone in their hands,” NYC Public Commissioner of Health Dr. Ashwin Vasan claimed. “We’ll leave no stone unturned until we reverse the trends in opioid-related deaths in our city.

Fighting drug use and overdoses with free crack pipes is certainly a bold strategy.

If Democrat’s track record is any indication, New York City’s drug epidemic will soon balloon to even more dangerous levels.

Should politicians use taxpayer money to fund free crack pipes?