New Jersey parents’ jaws hit the floor after this one political cartoon fully exposed their Democrat Governor’s “education” agenda

Photo by Phil Murphy for Governor, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Virtually every American parent with a child enrolled in government schools knows that students are under threat.

While many schools are still trying to teach children the essentials of reading, writing, math, and science many others are working overtime to indoctrinate children with woke extremism.

And now New Jersey parents’ jaws hit the floor after this one political cartoon fully exposed their Democrat Governor’s “education” agenda.

Cartoon targets Democrat Governor

Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) was just the target of a bold new political cartoon.

The cartoon was commissioned by the Sussex County Republican Committee, and it shows Murphy ripping a child away from his parents as scary-looking aides try to poke the child with a large needle and put him in a dress.

Under the cartoon is a caption that reads, “No Family is Safe from Phil Murphy’s Sex Ed Mandates!”

The cartoon is in response to controversial state guidance that allows schools to not notify parents should their child decide to change their gender identity.

According to the Murphy regime, the guidance is protecting New Jersey students from being “outed” to their parents.

Sussex County Republican Chairman Joe Labarbera said that the cartoon was inspired by Thomas Nast, who is often referred to as “the father of political cartoons.”

Speaking to Fox News, Labarbera said the response from parents has “been ecstatic,” and that his phone and emails have been “blowing up nonstop.”

“I would say I’ve had at least 140 to 150 between myself and staff of the Sussex Committee, at least 130 to 140 well-wishes,” Labarbera said. “I’ve had multiple billboard vendors call me… saying, ‘We would like to do this billboard.’”

He said that the cartoon is going to be displayed on billboards “sporadically” throughout the state of New Jersey, and that the committee is gearing up for a big push on social media.

Meanwhile, three New Jersey school districts previously adopted policies that went against state guidance, and the state’s Democrat Attorney General Matt Platkin filed lawsuits against them.

According to the lawsuit, “Outing these students against their will poses serious mental health risks; threatens physical harm to students, including risking increased suicides.”

The lawsuit also says that the district’s decision to go against the guidance “shirks the districts’ obligation to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all.”

Not all Democrats like the guidelines

Labarbera says that even though Sussex County isn’t very conservative, many of the “old school, JFK Democrats” are also upset about the school guidelines.

“The line was crossed when they took away the parental rights,” Labarbera said. “At this point, I believe that the argument has changed. Before, the argument was about what children are being taught in school.”

“To me now, this is a dramatic revolution in affairs when the state is saying, ‘You parents do not have a right,’” he added. “If you take out the transgender issue, you replace it with any other issue. Parents don’t have a right to sway their kids anymore.”

The hope is that the political cartoon will reach a large number of unaffiliated voters in the state.

“The point of the cartoon is to create a strong enough image to where it gets their attention,” Labarbera said.

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