Never-Trumper Bill Kristol just admitted the one thing real conservatives always knew about him

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No matter what else good he did Donald Trump clearly broke establishment elitists like Bill Kristol.

For too long Kristol and the Lincoln Project grifters have been pretenders.

But now Never-Trumper Bill Kristol just admitted the one thing real conservatives always knew about him.

Not even pro-life anymore

Years ago, a noted political consultant said, “Bill Kristol isn’t a conservative he’s a marginally pro-life socialist.”

Well, unfortunately, not many in the conservative movement realized just how evil Kristol really was.

But now, thanks to former President Donald Trump, the cat is out of the bag.

Of course, many of the top establishment “leaders” in the GOP knew all along what Kristol really was – at best, a grifter getting rich on the conservative movement.

Then, a funny thing happened to Kristol, the Lincoln Project grifters, failed former Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY), and others.

Donald Trump happened.

And Donald Trump broke them.

They became so anti-Trump – mainly because he refused to hire any of them – that they could no longer hide their real politics from actual conservatives.

And now, Kristol has claimed Republican voters should back a Presidential ticket led by Democrat Gretchen Whitmer in 2024.

Kristol made the comments during the grossly misnamed “Principles First Summit,” a gathering of Never-Trump activists in Washington, D.C.

Mostly despair for the never-Trump crowd

The alternative event to CPAC featured panels with titles like “Looking to 2024: Hope and Despair — but Mostly Despair,” and “Can the GOP survive?” 

While some conference attendees were focused on trying to reform the Republican Party from within, others, like Kristol, backed a strategy of promoting Democrats in order to push out populist, conservative GOP candidates.

“It turns out that once you let the toothpaste out of the tube, so to speak, demagoguery and bigotry and all that, some people like it,” Kristol claimed. “It’s hard to get it back. You can’t just give them a lecture.”

This coming from the man who promotes a Party dedicated to the slaughter and mutilation of children, socialist economic policies, and strict gun control.

Kristol then suggested that Never-Trump Republicans should back a Presidential ticket made up of radical Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D-VA).

“We need to defeat the Trump Republicans,” Kristol proclaimed. “And if that means being with the Democrats for a while, that’s fine.”

The problem for Kristol is, he’s not a conservative – or even a Republican.

The Democrat Party is where he has always belonged, it just didn’t pay as well back when he got his start as a neocon, Bill Buckley wanna-be.

Principles need not attend

But Kristol and his merry gang of grifters, neocons, charlatans, and fellow Democrats didn’t receive much love for their seminar.

“Never-trump hosted a counter event to CPAC with david frum, charlie sykes, adam kinzinger, bill kristol, and john kasich,” Twitter user Logan Hall tweeted out. “only 300 people showed up and attendees were wearing Ukraine pins.”

Others responded with comments like, “Pathetic,” and “I suppose most of them get money laundered in Ukraine!??”

But for most long-time conservative activists, the no principles conference didn’t even register.

“Oh, is Bill Kristol still around?” one 40-year veteran of conservative politics said. “I thought he went down with that Lincoln Project molester.”

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