Nancy Pelosi was seeing red when this famous leftist comedian shredded one of her pet propaganda projects

Nancy Pelosi can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of most Democrats.

And even establishment Republicans like former House Speaker John Boehner and former Congresswoman Liz Cheney shower her with praise.

But Nancy Pelosi was seeing red when this famous leftist comedian shredded one of her pet propaganda projects.

Actor and comedian Russell Brand is rapidly climbing the Left’s enemies list.

Because, despite his socialist leanings, Brand has become a problem for the establishment simply due to the fact he’s willing to have conversations with people on the Right.

And he’s willing to call out the D.C. Swamp.

Nancy Pelosi is a “brilliant, just, fair, lovely politician”

On a recent podcast, Brand  skewered Nancy Pelosi, who stepped down from leadership after the Republicans reclaimed the House in the midterms.

Brand began his podcast saying, “Oh, no! Nancy Pelosi isn’t Speaker of the House anymore, and she’s an uncomplicated, brilliant, just, fair, lovely politician. That’s why someone should make a documentary about her from a completely unbiased perspective because it would just show how great she is. Probably best to get her daughter to make it, actually.”

It was all tongue in cheek of course since Brand was talking about the very real Pelosi documentary that was made by her daughter.

The documentary has been running nearly every day on HBO.

It’s amazing how Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra can make a documentary about her, and it’s accepted by the so-called “mainstream” media as an objective account.

Propaganda, not documentary

Brand blatantly called the film “propaganda” and said that Pelosi “does seem to be participating in a lot of Congressional grandstanding and moral posturing when in fact making quite a lot of money from regulating companies that her family at least are invested in. So what exactly has Nancy Pelosi done that means she’s so worthy of a hagiography, or is it another case of Washington whitewashing? Hmmm?”

Of course, Nancy Pelosi has long been one of the most notorious members of the Swamp.

Her husband Paul has miraculously made investments that wildly outperform the best investors in the world, often right before Congress acts.

As Steve Hilton once reported during a “Swamp Watch” segment of Fox News, “On March 18th, 2008, while she was Speaker, Nancy Pelosi bought $220,000 of Visa IPO or initial public offering stock. She got it a day before it was publicly traded—a privilege reserved for a select group of hand-picked investors. Here’s where it gets really swampy. Two weeks before she was given special access to the IPO stock, a piece of legislation called the Credit Card Fair Fee Act of 2008 was introduced in the House. It would have cut Visa’s revenue and hurt Visa’s stock price.  Something that then-Speaker Pelosi now had a direct interest in. By a remarkable coincidence, this piece of antitrust legislation, normally such a priority for Democrats, never made it to a vote on the House floor.”

Pelosi has been making swampy moves like this for years, yet not surprisingly, none of this was included in her daughter’s documentary.

The thought of Ivanka Trump or Don Jr. making a similar documentary about their father, and HBO actually running it is of course inconceivable.

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