Nancy Pelosi utterly humiliated herself with one insane comment about Joe Biden

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Joe Biden is getting ready to announce his re-election campaign.

This is leading to some uncomfortable conversations amongst Democrats. 

And Nancy Pelosi utterly humiliated herself with one insane comment about Joe Biden.

Questions about President Joe Biden’s age and mental decline are still lingering as he prepares to announce his re-election campaign. 

Democrat politicians have largely fallen in line, backing the President for a second term despite the obvious questions over his fitness for office.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently weighed in on Biden’s age at the South by Southwest Festival and Conference in Austin, Texas.

During a panel on the “future of democracy” with journalist Evan Smith, the Congresswoman embarrassed herself by trying to brush off concerns about Biden’s age.

“He is absolutely a magnificent leader,” Pelosi said of Biden. “He is younger than I am, so I don’t know what the problem is.”

Pelosi is 82 years old while Biden is 80, making him the oldest President in American history.

Despite her best efforts in pointing out that he’s slightly younger than her, Rep. Pelosi ultimately failed to dismiss concerns about Biden’s age.

Of course, Pelosi defending President Biden’s age is simply an attempt to avoid the elephant in the room about the embattled Commander-in-Chief.

It’s readily apparent that he’s in a clear state of mental decline, as proven repeatedly by his increasingly gaffe-filled and confused public appearances. 

After Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives in November’s Midterm Elections, Congresswoman Pelosi stepped away from House Democrat “leadership” to pass the torch to the next generation of left-wing radicals.

But for some reason, the Democrat Congresswoman and the rest of the left-wing ruling class elites don’t seem to believe the President should follow her lead and step aside. 

The Democrat Party is once again attempting to run another Weekend At Bernie’s style campaign, propping up Biden like a puppet to pretend he can still get the job done, despite concerns from Democrat voters.

Public opinion polling consistently shows that the majority of Democrat voters do not want President Biden to seek a second term.

Rep. Pelosi’s comments on Biden’s age are also a flip-flop from her comments earlier this year.

“Is age a positive thing for him? No,” Pelosi told The New York Times.

Democrats have come to the realization that they’re stuck with Joe Biden for 2024.

Vice President Kamala Harris, his natural heir apparent, is even more unpopular than he is, and Democrats know she would be a disaster at the top of the ticket.

The Democrat Party is stuck trying to defend President Biden’s age and clear mental decline. 

Democrats won’t be able to escape the growing questions about Joe Biden’s age heading into the 2024 Presidential election.

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